Philip noted a big daughter’s birthday

King of the domestic pop scene has arranged for the girls grand celebration. Philip congratulated Alla-Victoria with a five-year period. The celebration brought together numerous celebrity guests and friends of the birthday girl.

Филипп Киркоров с дочерью Аллой-Викторией и сыном Мартином

Philip and his daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin // Photo: “Instagram”

Today, Filipp Kirkorov Alla Victoria’s daughter is celebrating its first anniversary. The girl was five years old. In honor of this event the king of Russian pop scene rolled for girls gorgeous holiday in the restaurant “Chalet Birch”. On the day of birth of Alla-Victoria gathered celebrity guests – the godfather of the girl Andrey Malakhov and his wife Natalia Shkuleva wife Stas Mikhailov Inna with her daughters, Yana Rudkovsky and many others. Hall also was filled with friends of the birthday girl, who enjoy having fun on holiday.

Philip tried to arrange for a successor to the grand celebration. The restaurant for all children was organized an amazing show. Alla-Victoria was wearing a lovely silvery dress and she looked adorable, and then the girl changed her outfit on a white dress with embroidery.

“Marks the first anniversary of the younger generation of our family – the fifth anniversary of my beloved daughter Alla-Victoria”, – Kirkorov wrote in microblogging, publishing a video of the holiday.

Fans rushed to congratulate the daughter of the King of Pop and is not stingy on the kind words addressed to the baby.

“Philip, my dear, I congratulate you on your birthday princess, little baby Alla-Victoria! Let it grow is healthy and most importantly happy! Let her yet that little life will only be joyful and happy events and moments! “,” Let it be always healthy and happy your little beauty! Philip, you’re the best dad! “,” Congratulations on your birthday dochu. Total very nice to her. Let it be your pride, “- wrote the actor loyal subscribers.

Philip doted in their children. He tries to make the Alla-Victoria and her brother Martin grew versatile personalities. He is even thinking to give my daughter to engage in rhythmic gymnastics.

Ksenia Sobchak does not come off from work while feeding the baby

Journalist and TV presenter combines maternal care and job duties. Ksenia Sobchak has repeatedly recognized her fans that she is bored on maternity leave, so she tries to invent different classes.

Ксения Собчак

Ksenia Sobchak // Photo: “Instagram”

Journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak became a mother for the first time 18 November. Devoted fans of the celebrity with her glad this significant event in her life. Despite the fact that Xenia has given birth to a baby just two weeks ago, it has already managed to bore a maternity leave. Sobchak is trying as quickly as possible to return to the familiar for her active lifestyle, and therefore has already begun to work from home.

“Thank you my favorite edition of my team for today’s congratulations. I’m really miss you, honestly. And thanks century technologies – can now look after the working process on Skype and votsapu even during feeding, “- Xenia wrote in his microblog.

Fans were impressed by the dedication of celebrities, which tries to combine child care with the duties of the chief editor of a glossy magazine. “Ksenia! This clever, beautiful, and now my mother – how cool and fun! All the puzzle came together! Well done! “,” A successful woman is successful in everything, even in the breast “,” may set aside workflow and be a mom? Enjoy, relax, “- glad subscribers such activity Sobchak.

For many young mothers it was awesome to hear from Ksenia that she had nothing to do in the decree. Many parents suffer from not find time for their own affairs, because all their attention is focused on the kids. However, the presenter can not think of what to do on vacation child care. She buys books to somehow entertain themselves.

“Sitting at home – terribly dangerous activity to mental health. I turn on the TV. Lead offers instead his trial some woman put her on a stake. I go count bought a new Pelevin or “Laurel” Vodolazkin, perhaps, “- talked about his changing rhythm of life Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak feared for his psyche in the decree

Last weekend Xenia with her husband Maxim Vitorganom got out of the house to enjoy the work of the group “Spleen”. She received unforgettable emotions during the concert. And recently she held a charity auction. Before the New Year Sobchak intends to work on a few corporate parties. However, he will remain at home a holiday television presenter, in the family circle.

Alain Vodonaeva repented committed treason

In his microblog leading shared a very personal story. Alain remembered how not very nice entered with respect to the girlfriend. But TV star did not do it out of malice. Moreover, Vodonaeva immediately admitted his guilt, but as a friend of her and forgive.

Алена Водонаева

Alain Vodonaeva // Photo: “Instagram”

Alain Vodonaeva – active users of social networks. Leading she told recently in his “Instagrame” that suffered from insomnia and so wrote a few very personal blog. One of them was later said Alain, dedicated to the theme of betrayal. Celebrity openly spoke about the case of his own. Vodonaeva told that made a mistake, but immediately recognized her.

The fact that the friend of Alain touched. So much so that they are from that time do not communicate anymore. But it did not lead to evil. She genuinely wanted to help a loved one. So let me not very pleasant to speak about the beloved friend. Vodonaeva, as well as all their surroundings, knew that he changes his woman. And I told quite straightforward about it in a voice message.

“To appease friend of hormonal not think of anything better than cite the example of his girlfriend. Let’s call it X. She said: “Here is your Vitek (let’s call it so), maybe in something and goof, but the guy is good, and most importantly – the family. Look, they say, on the far neloha Miss X. He walks, he wants something and does well and does not respect his woman once everyone knows about it. Well, what’s better? True goof or alpha-traitor? “- Says a leading.

But the message Alena got to the wrong, to whom intended. One of the women secretly forwarded it to the other. “What for? Yes, God knows it. It seems to help the person to aspire, inspire, give advice, family are saved, and then a sudden slap in the back … “- lamenting leading.

Another friend immediately demanded an explanation from the TV star. Allen pleaded guilty, but as a friend of her and forgive.

“It is natural that a friend asked me,” Alain said? And what the fuck? “And what can I say to her. The last thing I wanted to touch a truly native and close person. And indulge in excuses not. Honestly replied: “Yes, it was. My jamb. I’m sorry! “He acknowledged his faux pas and tried to explain what guided when it cites the example of a man. A friend I did not say anything. And later he withdrew totally from the communication. Apparently, I was at that moment on live rezanula. Reluctantly. Unconsciously. And in fact she was right: my girlfriend soon she admitted that her husband, alas, really walking … “- shared Vodonaeva.

After the story a friend stopped at all to communicate with her. “It’s her choice. I wish her all the best, I continue to enjoy her success, when something about it know and I know that in fact it is not a bad person. And I’m very sorry for her in Babskii, as I myself would never have forgiven, if I learned about infidelity not tolerate no matter of seconds. And she forgives “- commented leader.

The ex-husband of Anastasia Soltan explained why throw it before his death

With the death of his daughter who died in an accident the deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg passed a few days. Reporters contacted the ex-husband of Anastasia Alexei Plotnikov, a politician and a member of the party “Fair Russia”. The man opened the reasons for which decided to part with his beloved.

Анастасия Солтан и Алексей Плотников

Soltan Anastasia and Alexei Plotnikov // Photos: Social Networking

Last week, the heiress to the deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan, who died in a road accident in August this year, committed suicide. The girl has been prolonged depression, which became the cause of suicide. A few days then this Soltan divorced Alexei Plotnikov. Anastasia claimed that her husband away from her. The victim of the tragedy said that ex-boyfriend did not even ask how she was feeling.

Reporters contacted the former spouse Anastasia Alexei Plotnikov. The man spoke openly about what caused his divorce from the unhappy girl. Plotnikov states that insisted on this Anastasia environment. Close Soltan, believes Alexey, convinced her to apply to the court for a divorce.

Before his death, Anastasia Soltan left a farewell letter

“It is unfortunate that a number of Anastasia were the people who gave it, in my opinion, not the best advice – to file for divorce. This initiative Anastasia, together with her sister and her husband, who has carried out a lawyer. Nastya did not come to court. And I myself am by coincidence was late to court. The only thing I was asked: “Are you going to appeal the court’s decision?” But love can not be. Fight for the person who says, “I see you do not want, do not come here.” For my part, the conversation was short, which ended after the transfer of money, which she had requested “- shared Alexei Plotnikov.

Former husband Soltan said that a close family friend Marina Parfyonov urged him to protect his wife from the influence of his sister. According to Paul Soltan friend of the deceased, Veronica jealous sister to so hated her mother.

Carpenters also believes that Anastasia especially so behaved to surrounding spared. To that end, the man says, she wrote heartbreaking posts. Alex believes that the victims depended on the likes and comments that were left on the Internet. After Anastasia gave an interview in which spoke negatively about the family, it began to blame the social networks. “That is, it was no longer supported, and only criticism. Perhaps this criticism she could not stand “- said the ex-boyfriend of the deceased

We note that in a recent interview Soltan openly spoke about a quarrel with her sister and her husband. Anastasia and Veronica accused Vyacheslav Koltsov that they deprived her keys from the parent apartments and shielded from contact with the outside world, seizing her money and phone. If you analyze the recent publication Soltan on social networks, it becomes clear that it conflicted with spouse Veronica and called him a tyrant. The victim of the tragedy and said that has not received money from his father’s friends, dedicated to its treatment and rehabilitation.

Natasha Koroleva: “I did not know that I have so many enemies”

The disease is a loved one, separation from family, the inability to have a child – the singer has shared with “StarHitom” biggest fears. Recently, the actress had to go through a lot of turmoil. Now she is looking for the strength, in spite of everything, to go further.

Наташа Королева надеется, что в ближайшее время запрет на ее въезд на родину будет снят

Natasha Queen hopes that soon a ban on its entry to the home will be removed

Natasha many times had to be strong, to prove to themselves and others that nothing is impossible. A few weeks ago, when the Queen was preparing for a concert “Magic” L “, which will be held in the Kremlin on December 10 she was prohibited entry into Ukraine and in fact separated from his family for five years. Correspondent “StarHita” Olga Pletenevoy Natasha told three stories when she was on the verge of despair.

Stranger among his

– I never thought that I have so many enemies – says Natasha. – The concert, to which I was more than a year, became an occasion to catch me. After the Kremlin, December 14, was supposed to speak in his native Kiev. Compatriots wrote to me: try to come, we will make you a “perfect” reception. All my life I was in Ukraine, his, Natalochka. And suddenly it becomes a stranger. The day when I fell on the news, I remember now. I’m on the phone gave an interview to the Ukrainian edition. And I hear how she stops and after a pause said: “Natasha. I was told that you banned from entering the country for five years. “ The reason for such a podkovyrkoy supposedly their creativity artist Queen is a threat for the Ukrainian state. All my life I sing about love in politics not to get involved … At first, I reassured the journalist, although the most hands were shaking. And having ended the conversation, I began to think, how to tell a mother.

“For the family, it was a blow. It is understood that the first recognized mother was shocked. But most of all I’m worried about my grandmother – Sofia Nikolayevna, who lives in Kiev, 94 years. Hearing that I closed the road home, she could not believe it. Health deteriorated sharply. Granny old, heart knocks, pressure. A couple of days on duty at the entrance to the emergency resuscitation. Now she rarely gets up, although I went through the apartment, which is ready. In Moscow, it is impossible to move – too bad … “

It is clear that she is not alone – there aunt, brothers. But my grandmother and I were always close, I come at least once every six months. I hope the situation will change. I hired a lawyer in Ukraine who are trying to appeal the decision. Prepared package of documents, which will give to the Ukrainian court will process. And according to the law at the time of his I have a right to enter the country.

Dad, goodbye!

С папой, Владимиром Архиповичем, певица всегда была очень близка

With the Pope, Vladimir Arkhipovich, the singer has always been very close // Photo: Personal archive

– February 10 my father, Vladimir Arkhipovich, would have turned 77 years old. He died of leukemia in 1993, when I was 20. Dad, I always felt more togetherness than with his mother. She does not put her hands to learn the diagnosis, though she was young, unaccustomed to shock.

father’s disease was indolent, blood tests “lame” for the past 10 years of his life. But it is especially hard on his health affected by the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. After a disaster, the director of the Palace “Ukraine” brought artists and said, “It is our duty – to give a concert for the rescuers.” We went to the area, and my 12-year-old girl, accompanied the Pope. There he received a dose of radiation, which proved to be fatal. Father lasted 8 years, but it was fading. I tried to save him. Although there was no specific financial opportunities, he lifted all communications – managed to bring him to Germany, to organize in the best clinics. But it was too late …

“When the German doctors have done all they can, call me and confessed:” Natasha, if six months earlier … “Dad was discharged, we returned home. He lived for another three months. Until the last days was not bedridden patients. For some ridiculous accident father – a good teacher, conductor – he died on 1 September. He is buried in Kiev. His tomb – a place where I always come, visiting their native lands. I am missing so far. But the early years was the feeling after his death, that with it a part of me is gone. “


– I’ve always dreamed of a big happy family – one that was in my childhood. For a long time my husband Sergey trying to have a second child. We do not give up hope that the walls of our house again sounds of children’s laughter. When our son was born, we decided to take the time – both wanted to do career. Work whirled, the years have passed. The last few years we have a children’s issue of great concern. I would like a girl sister Arkhip. Periodically talk about it, we support each other. There were missed abortion, and unsuccessful IVF. A biological clock is ticking …

Son Now 14, he is an independent man, goes to school abroad – tightens languages, accustomed to adulthood. Of course, it would be hard, he often calls, he asks for advice, misses. Sergei and I want it to be raised by this man, who in the future, in which case it will provide us with grandchildren. Compensates, so to speak, their own children. But so far, and we do not despair – does not retract this topic pigeonholed. There is still time to make our dream come true with Sergei. “

Сын Наташи и Сергея Глушко Архип сейчас учится в школе в Америке, домой приезжает только на каникулы

Son Natasha and Sergei Glushko Arkhip now studying at a school in America, coming home only on holidays // Photo: Personal archive