Husband Ksenia Borodina: “Soon my family will be more”

Spouse presenter said “StarHitu” the first words of his daughter, traditions and building a house. Kurban Omarov admitted that after moving out of the city has changed their lives for the better. Every night they spend together watching movies, and in the morning the whole family awaits signature breakfast from Xenia.

В доме Ксении и Курбана всегда слышны детские голоса. Омар приезжает на все выходные, чтобы поиграть с сестрами

The house Xenia and Kurban always heard children’s voices. Omar arrives at the weekend to play with my sisters // Photo: Ekaterina Ratundalova

The past 2016 th year was difficult for Xenia and Kurban. After the spring of private life presenter and her husband became a subject of public discussion, the couple decided to run away from the prying eyes of the city to arrange a world in which there is a place only you know.

– I remember once talking to Ksenya and she claimed that she was a resident of the city, and it would not drag in the village. How did you manage?

Wooden wedding: as Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin decide the quarrel in the family

Their relationship – an example for millions of what may be the perfect marriage. But every coin has another side. “StarHit” found because of what may quarrel Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin.

Алла Пугачева и Максим Галкин

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin // Photo:

This week, December 23 Diva and broadcaster will celebrate a wooden wedding. They were married five years ago in Kutuzovsky registry office, and the next day arranged a sumptuous feast for family and friends. Their relationship – an example for millions of what may be the perfect marriage. But every coin has another side. Friends of the couple told “StarHitu”, which is why in a stellar family conflicts occur and what kind of work takes on Maxim, not to annoy his wife.

Do not spoil!

After the appearance of Alla and Maxim twins Harry and Lisa played their lives with new colors. The couple most of their time trying to devote to kids who executed in September for three years. However, with regard to the issues of education – here opinions diverge Pugacheva and Galkin.

“Alla of rigor with the children – shares with” StarHitom “godmother of Harry and girlfriend Mila Stavitskaya Diva. – And Maxim always just melts when his son and daughter near. Pampers them in every possible way – is Lisa and Harry just ask and assumed a eyes, he was all ready. Often, the wife returned late from the event, he no-no and blame that cartoons children sit and look longer and do not sleep in due hour. “

However, in all that relates to creativity, Galkin’s wife supports. “Last week Alla recorded a new song in the studio – he says” StarHitu “sound producer Anatoli Lopatin. – Maxim came behind him, looked, was interested in the process. At the end of said composition, and he really likes the way his wife sang it, too. By the way, it is, if you want to record something, do it elsewhere. It happened a long time -. Independent “

Максим обожает баловать наследников подарками

Maxim loves to indulge heirs presents // Photo: “Instagram”

Word for word

The dispute in the star family usually does that at a large table – hospitable hosts often arrange holidays in the castle for friends and relatives. They are always fun, noisy and hearty.

“Discussions are conducted on a variety of topics – continues Mila Stavitskaya. – And politics, music, and children … Of course, Alla Max opinions differ on some issues. And here they are, sometimes, addicted – just like all normal people, sometimes defend their point of view. This may involve, for example, a new song or speech, some of their colleagues. But it is always very intelligent, kindly and quickly turns into a joke. “

But when it comes to serious things, Galkin struggled to stand on the side of his wife and even take some of her worries to herself.

“Maxim – deeply educated, highly intelligent man – says” StarHitu “lawyer Marina Pugacheva Murasheva. – I’m always in front of him like an exam, I am afraid that is not so to speak. I consulted him on the courts with Irson Kudikova by creative studio, and in the theater in St. Petersburg – Maxim actively involved in all processes. Served, of course, for the settlement of problems by peaceful means. By the way, I noticed that all these legal aspects are not so interesting for Alla. You start to tell her, to explain and sometimes you notice the longing in his eyes. And Maxim always listens and often makes decisions for the family, the wife did not have to once again delve into all these nuances. “
За большим столом в замке пары часто собираются их друзья и близкие

At the big table in the castle couples often gather their friends and relatives // Photo: “Instagram”

In a healthy body

Not once Galkin tried to wean her from the wife, probably the most harmful habits – smoking. Diva resin Previously one cigarette after another, but in recent years does not do it on a regular basis, and at all periods and shifts to electronic. Probably, this effect has been achieved thanks to the efforts of the spouse.

“Max never insisted, not forced, but hinted Allais that cigarettes – this is very bad, and it would be great if it were tied to smoking – says” StarHitu “friend of the couple, decorator Boris Krasnov. – Sometimes she agrees with him, and sometimes shrugs supposedly smoked for many years and nothing. But it is worth noting now Alla with a cigarette can be seen much less often – it pleases. Surely the point here and in children – Lisa and Harry, from which you can not hide, and perhaps her husband still seeking his sly. “

Алла и Максим поженились 23 декабря 2011 года

Alla and Maxim were married December 23, 2011 // Photo: Sergey Milan

Feofilaktova spoke about the numerous infidelities Guseva

The star of “House-2” openly talked about problems with her ex-husband. By Eugenia she said she really wanted to keep the family together, but could not accept the fact that her husband started an affair on the side.

Евгения Феофилактова

Eugene Feofilaktova // Photo: “Instagram”

Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev said the divorce about a month ago. As the couple admitted they have not lived together for about two months. Jack argues that moved with her son Daniel in the other place as early as mid-September. According to her, Anton’s love affair with Victoria Romanet – is not the only case of infidelity by her ex-husband. Feofilaktova assumes that the husband began to look on the side of the emotions that could not get in the home, much earlier. Anton Gusev divorces Eugenia Feofilaktova because Victoria Romanets

“Is my husband cheating – it’s not chaos? Of course, I am not caught Anton’s hand, I can not say one hundred percent, but it is likely that the husband began dating Romanets being married. Moreover, perhaps she had not first. I can say that my guilt is not here, I lived family, and Anton apparently wanted something else. Most importantly, then he has not regretted that exchanged marital happiness on a passing fancy, “- said Eugene.

According to the ex-participant of the reality show, she did not hold a grudge against a former spouse and wishes him a happy new darling. Nevertheless, it’s frustrating, because of the relationship with Victoria Romanets Anton became rarer to see his son. In the words of the woman, the Pope visited by only once a week to Daniel. “I was a bit jarred, I did not keep the family together for the sake of the child”, – says Eugene, but noted that she could not forgive her husband.

By the way, otherwise Gusev is the current situation. According to Anton, Eugene forbids him to see his son. Recently, my father was not allowed to be present at the birth of the heir to the bottom, and opposed to, he took Daniel to the second children’s party. Anton Gusev’s wife: “Jack, why did you deprive my son?”

However Feofilaktova not despair. Jack thinks that she would meet a man with whom will be able to find happiness in the future. However, until that Eugene has no plans to meet with the men, though her caring wealthy admirer. “I’m not going to rush into a new relationship, and spend all of their time and the education of his son,” – said in an interview with Eugene “Dom-2.”

Ksenia Sobchak does not come off from work while feeding the baby

Journalist and TV presenter combines maternal care and job duties. Ksenia Sobchak has repeatedly recognized her fans that she is bored on maternity leave, so she tries to invent different classes.

Ксения Собчак

Ksenia Sobchak // Photo: “Instagram”

Journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak became a mother for the first time 18 November. Devoted fans of the celebrity with her glad this significant event in her life. Despite the fact that Xenia has given birth to a baby just two weeks ago, it has already managed to bore a maternity leave. Sobchak is trying as quickly as possible to return to the familiar for her active lifestyle, and therefore has already begun to work from home.

“Thank you my favorite edition of my team for today’s congratulations. I’m really miss you, honestly. And thanks century technologies – can now look after the working process on Skype and votsapu even during feeding, “- Xenia wrote in his microblog.

Fans were impressed by the dedication of celebrities, which tries to combine child care with the duties of the chief editor of a glossy magazine. “Ksenia! This clever, beautiful, and now my mother – how cool and fun! All the puzzle came together! Well done! “,” A successful woman is successful in everything, even in the breast “,” may set aside workflow and be a mom? Enjoy, relax, “- glad subscribers such activity Sobchak.

For many young mothers it was awesome to hear from Ksenia that she had nothing to do in the decree. Many parents suffer from not find time for their own affairs, because all their attention is focused on the kids. However, the presenter can not think of what to do on vacation child care. She buys books to somehow entertain themselves.

“Sitting at home – terribly dangerous activity to mental health. I turn on the TV. Lead offers instead his trial some woman put her on a stake. I go count bought a new Pelevin or “Laurel” Vodolazkin, perhaps, “- talked about his changing rhythm of life Sobchak.

Ksenia Sobchak feared for his psyche in the decree

Last weekend Xenia with her husband Maxim Vitorganom got out of the house to enjoy the work of the group “Spleen”. She received unforgettable emotions during the concert. And recently she held a charity auction. Before the New Year Sobchak intends to work on a few corporate parties. However, he will remain at home a holiday television presenter, in the family circle.

Alain Vodonaeva repented committed treason

In his microblog leading shared a very personal story. Alain remembered how not very nice entered with respect to the girlfriend. But TV star did not do it out of malice. Moreover, Vodonaeva immediately admitted his guilt, but as a friend of her and forgive.

Алена Водонаева

Alain Vodonaeva // Photo: “Instagram”

Alain Vodonaeva – active users of social networks. Leading she told recently in his “Instagrame” that suffered from insomnia and so wrote a few very personal blog. One of them was later said Alain, dedicated to the theme of betrayal. Celebrity openly spoke about the case of his own. Vodonaeva told that made a mistake, but immediately recognized her.

The fact that the friend of Alain touched. So much so that they are from that time do not communicate anymore. But it did not lead to evil. She genuinely wanted to help a loved one. So let me not very pleasant to speak about the beloved friend. Vodonaeva, as well as all their surroundings, knew that he changes his woman. And I told quite straightforward about it in a voice message.

“To appease friend of hormonal not think of anything better than cite the example of his girlfriend. Let’s call it X. She said: “Here is your Vitek (let’s call it so), maybe in something and goof, but the guy is good, and most importantly – the family. Look, they say, on the far neloha Miss X. He walks, he wants something and does well and does not respect his woman once everyone knows about it. Well, what’s better? True goof or alpha-traitor? “- Says a leading.

But the message Alena got to the wrong, to whom intended. One of the women secretly forwarded it to the other. “What for? Yes, God knows it. It seems to help the person to aspire, inspire, give advice, family are saved, and then a sudden slap in the back … “- lamenting leading.

Another friend immediately demanded an explanation from the TV star. Allen pleaded guilty, but as a friend of her and forgive.

“It is natural that a friend asked me,” Alain said? And what the fuck? “And what can I say to her. The last thing I wanted to touch a truly native and close person. And indulge in excuses not. Honestly replied: “Yes, it was. My jamb. I’m sorry! “He acknowledged his faux pas and tried to explain what guided when it cites the example of a man. A friend I did not say anything. And later he withdrew totally from the communication. Apparently, I was at that moment on live rezanula. Reluctantly. Unconsciously. And in fact she was right: my girlfriend soon she admitted that her husband, alas, really walking … “- shared Vodonaeva.

After the story a friend stopped at all to communicate with her. “It’s her choice. I wish her all the best, I continue to enjoy her success, when something about it know and I know that in fact it is not a bad person. And I’m very sorry for her in Babskii, as I myself would never have forgiven, if I learned about infidelity not tolerate no matter of seconds. And she forgives “- commented leader.