Michael Phelps secret marriage four months

Western journalists have reported that the Olympic champion Michael Phelps and his fiancee Nicole Johnson staged a secret ceremony in June this year. The chamber celebration, which took place in Arizona, spent the agent and close friend of the sportsman Peter Carlisle.


Майкл Фелпс и Николь Джонсон

Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson // Photo: “Instagram”

Today, in the Western media there was news that the 31-year-old Olympic champion Michael Phelps secretly married his beloved – 31-year-old model Nicole Johnson. Sami love this fact had no immediate comment. According to journalists, a happy event in the life of a famous athlete was back in June: first couple to register their marriage, and four days later a wedding. At a ceremony held in Arizona on June 13, attended by relatives and friends of the lovers. The event is held each agent Phelps and Peter Carlisle.

Journalists argue that Phelps hide the fact of their wedding for months, but recently, this information is still leaked. They also suggest that the beloved athlete hinted at a change in marital status “Instagrame”. In the summer of Nicole Johnson shared a photo on which was imprinted their family, and signed the picture with the words “An unforgettable evening for us!”.

Earlier this spring, at Phelps and Johnson’s first child was born. Adorable boy named Boomer. “Welcome to the world! He was born May 5, 2016, healthy and happy. And it’s the best feeling I have ever experienced in my life “- shared the Olympic champion in their social networks. Beloved Michael Phelps gave birth to a son

Recall that Phelps and Johnson announced their engagement in February last year. “She said” yes “- briefly wrote swimmer in” Twitter. “Become Mrs. Phelps” – shared, in turn, darling of the Olympic champion in the “Instagrame”. Nicole Sweet athlete – winner of the beauty contest “Miss California”, held in 2010. Before you decide on marriage, the couple dated for five years.

For Nicole Phelps decided to end his career as a swimmer. The most recent large-scale competitions in which he participated, became the Olympic Games in Rio, where he won his 23rd gold medal. In an interview with reporters Phelps said that he wanted to leave the sport this way. He also said that a new chapter in his life and wants to devote himself to his family and travel. In addition, Michael admitted that his overflowing emotions, and in such a stunning form, as in Brazil, he had never been.

The wife of Andrei Arshavin: “We have experienced persecution and happy”

Footballer and his fiancee were able to overcome all difficulties. After Andrew and Alice formalized their relationship in one of the St. Petersburg registrar, the couple went on their honeymoon in Sochi. “StarHit” learned how was honeymooners vacation.

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Сейчас футболист играет за казахстанский клуб «Кайрат». Жена переехала с ним в Алма-Ату, но часто летает к родным в Питер. Через несколько месяцев они ждут пополнения
Now footballer plays for the Kazakh club “Kairat”. His wife moved with him to Alma-Ata, but often flies to his relatives in Peter.

Couples paint on September 1 in St. Petersburg registry office on the Promenade des Anglais, we were surprised to see in the queue for marrying 35-year-old soccer star Andrei Arshavin. Svezhepodstrizhenny in a black three-piece suit, Andrei showed no emotion – he explained to the children of the bride Alice Kazmina that now finally happened.

Andrei Arshavin married lover

When they were invited into the hall, the couple climbed the front stairs of the employee of the institution to the second floor. There they were waiting for relatives and a few friends. The bride looked flawless. Modest silk close-fitting dress with long sleeves, fashionable two-meter veil. 34-year-old Alice glowed with happiness not only for the interesting position … girl decorates a huge amount of diamonds. The deep neckline adorned with cross stones weighing about 4 carats, and on hand in addition to the engagement ring trehkaratnogo attracted the attention of another gift to the groom – Cartier Love bracelet three white, yellow and pink gold, worth about 12 million rubles.

“During the three years of their relationship Andrei spared no expense in Alice – says girl friend Anna. – He tried to fulfill all her wishes. He gave her carte blanche to the general arrangement of the house – she chose the design, changed the car to the new model of the same brand, Hermes bags away for hundreds of thousands of rubles. ”

Despite the fact that their romance was much discussion in the press, Andrew and Alice were able to overcome the difficulties.
“I think we are their actions on September 1 showed everyone and everything. Having gone through all the persecution, we are happy “- admitted Alice” StarHitu “.

The three-year wait

Star football Arshavin was the captain’s title thanks to the Russian team and the St. Petersburg club “Zenith” in which he played for 10 years. At the peak of popularity in 2009, Andrew has accepted the invitation of the London “Arsenal” and moved the entire family in England: a civil wife Julia, son Artem and daughter Jana. However, the game has not worked abroad – athlete pursuing failure after failure. Three years later, in this regard, he returned to his native leased striker “Zenith”. Leaving Albion native athlete settled in his St. Petersburg apartment. Play better, he did not, because of what came under a wave of negativity from fans. By the slump in the professional field added problems in his personal life. And even born in the summer of 2012, the son of Arseny did not save the family. At the same time, the familiar Andrew Alice broke up the marriage with the Petersburg businessman Aleksey Kazmin. Soon it became obvious that their relationship is associated.

In Sochi

Arshavin did not like to expose private lives on display, so choose the most closed hotel on the Black Sea coast for the honeymoon. Rodina Grand Hotel & SPA is protected from all sides: it is separated from the water half a kilometer pier, and from the land – a huge fences, checkpoints and dozens of security guards, who pass each other on the radio set, who is traveling in.

“Newlyweds liked the most remote building -” Villa “. – There was little room, and he, in contrast to the main building decorated in bright colors – say “StarHitu” at the hotel. – The apartments, which are booked football – two-story, one of the best. Cost per day – 71 thousand rubles. ”

On the territory of “Homeland” Andrew, Alice and her children having a rest only 4 days, and then suddenly left.
“Arshavin basking in the sun, we walked along the seaside promenade … – I saw them together on the beach. They were lying on a sun lounger, Alice watched a movie on the tablet, and then handed over to his children, and they have included cartoons – says “StarHitu” neighbor pairs to the hotel Marina. – Children love Andrew. They run up to him, asked permission to dip smiling. He swam with them in the sea raged, circling, threw into the water. The kids were delighted, as their mother, with a smile, observe what is happening. ”

Sunbathing steam and poolside lounger where you can order food and drinks. While Andrew and Alice talked, small climbed a rope and riding a roller coaster. We had dinner in the room. There’s a dining table is set a personal waiter. We give preference to seafood and vegetables. When the time was nearing sunset, the bride and groom were going for a walk.
Ресторан, в котором обедали Аршавин с супругой
Restaurant, where lunch Arshavin with his wife

“We followed them along the promenade, – says” StarHitu “sochinets Oleg. – Andrew carried on the shoulders of a little girl in a smart dress, white shoes and kolgotochki. Beside his wife held the hand of an older boy. I am seen as an athlete buy a local ice cream and cotton candy. ” From sights couple visited the Olympic Park and Dolphinarium. Inheritance inspection twenty minutes, they sat in a rented “Mercedes” and drove to the border with Abkhazia. There away from prying eyes walked on the gravel, though not as great as in the “homeland”, but far from the excitement of the festival “New Wave”, which was held in Sochi, actors and journalists. The main frames of the “New Wave”: that is not shown on TV