Alla Pugacheva has responded to demands to “remove” it from the air

Throughout the week, on the web are discussing the content of the First Channel of the New Year program. Alla Pugacheva with her usual irony, replied to all detractors. Fans of celebrity support and said that they are always interesting to watch the diva on the screen.

Алла Пугачева

Alla Pugacheva // Photo: Dmitry Korobeynikov /

A couple of days after New Year’s Eve annoyed rostovchanin decided to address a petition to the Director General of Channel One Konstantin Ernst. According to the disturbed man, he was extremely dissatisfied with the gears, which showed during the holidays. In particular, it was not to the liking the idea of the program, which featured the brightest stars of Russian show business, such as Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin and many others. He decided to find like-minded people to collect signatures in order to “reach out” to the leadership of one of the main Russian TV channels. Throughout the week, none of channel management and celebrities did not respond to a man’s initiative. Today, however, Diva decided to give an answer to ill-wishers. In social networks, she left the publication, in which he expressed his attitude to the current situation.

“Well, spiteful critics, excited? It’s fine! So life goes on. And my strength in the love and support of the fans. Once convinced of this – true happiness, “- with his usual sense of humor Alla wrote in microblogging.

That statement actress made it clear that indulgently and ironically refers to such statements, and does not consider them worthy of your attention. Especially because many fans instantly left no comments with words of support. Celebrity followers account noted that New Year’s Eve, which was attended by Pugachev, was fine, and they looked happy to live on the stars of the national stage.

“How I love you! The only large-scale personality on stage! The only “,” Alla, we are with you! We love You and your creativity and you will not give in insult! Thank you, that is you and your work! “,” Alla, these spiteful critics really remember them all, how many were there over the years? And where are they? Where are you and where are they? These small sucker, bureaucrats, Knockers, “will not allow” and “not allow”! Oh to hell with them, shine forth more, we love you! “- Once again admired the talent and creativity of Diva fans.

It is interesting that the author of the petition did not look completely New Year’s show, prepared by the First Channel. He said that he gave preference to another program, and its opinion has been formed from the short fragments of transmission that he could see, when just switched channels.

Wooden wedding: as Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin decide the quarrel in the family

Their relationship – an example for millions of what may be the perfect marriage. But every coin has another side. “StarHit” found because of what may quarrel Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin.

Алла Пугачева и Максим Галкин

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin // Photo:

This week, December 23 Diva and broadcaster will celebrate a wooden wedding. They were married five years ago in Kutuzovsky registry office, and the next day arranged a sumptuous feast for family and friends. Their relationship – an example for millions of what may be the perfect marriage. But every coin has another side. Friends of the couple told “StarHitu”, which is why in a stellar family conflicts occur and what kind of work takes on Maxim, not to annoy his wife.

Do not spoil!

After the appearance of Alla and Maxim twins Harry and Lisa played their lives with new colors. The couple most of their time trying to devote to kids who executed in September for three years. However, with regard to the issues of education – here opinions diverge Pugacheva and Galkin.

“Alla of rigor with the children – shares with” StarHitom “godmother of Harry and girlfriend Mila Stavitskaya Diva. – And Maxim always just melts when his son and daughter near. Pampers them in every possible way – is Lisa and Harry just ask and assumed a eyes, he was all ready. Often, the wife returned late from the event, he no-no and blame that cartoons children sit and look longer and do not sleep in due hour. “

However, in all that relates to creativity, Galkin’s wife supports. “Last week Alla recorded a new song in the studio – he says” StarHitu “sound producer Anatoli Lopatin. – Maxim came behind him, looked, was interested in the process. At the end of said composition, and he really likes the way his wife sang it, too. By the way, it is, if you want to record something, do it elsewhere. It happened a long time -. Independent “

Максим обожает баловать наследников подарками

Maxim loves to indulge heirs presents // Photo: “Instagram”

Word for word

The dispute in the star family usually does that at a large table – hospitable hosts often arrange holidays in the castle for friends and relatives. They are always fun, noisy and hearty.

“Discussions are conducted on a variety of topics – continues Mila Stavitskaya. – And politics, music, and children … Of course, Alla Max opinions differ on some issues. And here they are, sometimes, addicted – just like all normal people, sometimes defend their point of view. This may involve, for example, a new song or speech, some of their colleagues. But it is always very intelligent, kindly and quickly turns into a joke. “

But when it comes to serious things, Galkin struggled to stand on the side of his wife and even take some of her worries to herself.

“Maxim – deeply educated, highly intelligent man – says” StarHitu “lawyer Marina Pugacheva Murasheva. – I’m always in front of him like an exam, I am afraid that is not so to speak. I consulted him on the courts with Irson Kudikova by creative studio, and in the theater in St. Petersburg – Maxim actively involved in all processes. Served, of course, for the settlement of problems by peaceful means. By the way, I noticed that all these legal aspects are not so interesting for Alla. You start to tell her, to explain and sometimes you notice the longing in his eyes. And Maxim always listens and often makes decisions for the family, the wife did not have to once again delve into all these nuances. “
За большим столом в замке пары часто собираются их друзья и близкие

At the big table in the castle couples often gather their friends and relatives // Photo: “Instagram”

In a healthy body

Not once Galkin tried to wean her from the wife, probably the most harmful habits – smoking. Diva resin Previously one cigarette after another, but in recent years does not do it on a regular basis, and at all periods and shifts to electronic. Probably, this effect has been achieved thanks to the efforts of the spouse.

“Max never insisted, not forced, but hinted Allais that cigarettes – this is very bad, and it would be great if it were tied to smoking – says” StarHitu “friend of the couple, decorator Boris Krasnov. – Sometimes she agrees with him, and sometimes shrugs supposedly smoked for many years and nothing. But it is worth noting now Alla with a cigarette can be seen much less often – it pleases. Surely the point here and in children – Lisa and Harry, from which you can not hide, and perhaps her husband still seeking his sly. “

Алла и Максим поженились 23 декабря 2011 года

Alla and Maxim were married December 23, 2011 // Photo: Sergey Milan

Philip noted a big daughter’s birthday

King of the domestic pop scene has arranged for the girls grand celebration. Philip congratulated Alla-Victoria with a five-year period. The celebration brought together numerous celebrity guests and friends of the birthday girl.

Филипп Киркоров с дочерью Аллой-Викторией и сыном Мартином

Philip and his daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin // Photo: “Instagram”

Today, Filipp Kirkorov Alla Victoria’s daughter is celebrating its first anniversary. The girl was five years old. In honor of this event the king of Russian pop scene rolled for girls gorgeous holiday in the restaurant “Chalet Birch”. On the day of birth of Alla-Victoria gathered celebrity guests – the godfather of the girl Andrey Malakhov and his wife Natalia Shkuleva wife Stas Mikhailov Inna with her daughters, Yana Rudkovsky and many others. Hall also was filled with friends of the birthday girl, who enjoy having fun on holiday.

Philip tried to arrange for a successor to the grand celebration. The restaurant for all children was organized an amazing show. Alla-Victoria was wearing a lovely silvery dress and she looked adorable, and then the girl changed her outfit on a white dress with embroidery.

“Marks the first anniversary of the younger generation of our family – the fifth anniversary of my beloved daughter Alla-Victoria”, – Kirkorov wrote in microblogging, publishing a video of the holiday.

Fans rushed to congratulate the daughter of the King of Pop and is not stingy on the kind words addressed to the baby.

“Philip, my dear, I congratulate you on your birthday princess, little baby Alla-Victoria! Let it grow is healthy and most importantly happy! Let her yet that little life will only be joyful and happy events and moments! “,” Let it be always healthy and happy your little beauty! Philip, you’re the best dad! “,” Congratulations on your birthday dochu. Total very nice to her. Let it be your pride, “- wrote the actor loyal subscribers.

Philip doted in their children. He tries to make the Alla-Victoria and her brother Martin grew versatile personalities. He is even thinking to give my daughter to engage in rhythmic gymnastics.

Natasha Koroleva: “I did not know that I have so many enemies”

The disease is a loved one, separation from family, the inability to have a child – the singer has shared with “StarHitom” biggest fears. Recently, the actress had to go through a lot of turmoil. Now she is looking for the strength, in spite of everything, to go further.

Наташа Королева надеется, что в ближайшее время запрет на ее въезд на родину будет снят

Natasha Queen hopes that soon a ban on its entry to the home will be removed

Natasha many times had to be strong, to prove to themselves and others that nothing is impossible. A few weeks ago, when the Queen was preparing for a concert “Magic” L “, which will be held in the Kremlin on December 10 she was prohibited entry into Ukraine and in fact separated from his family for five years. Correspondent “StarHita” Olga Pletenevoy Natasha told three stories when she was on the verge of despair.

Stranger among his

– I never thought that I have so many enemies – says Natasha. – The concert, to which I was more than a year, became an occasion to catch me. After the Kremlin, December 14, was supposed to speak in his native Kiev. Compatriots wrote to me: try to come, we will make you a “perfect” reception. All my life I was in Ukraine, his, Natalochka. And suddenly it becomes a stranger. The day when I fell on the news, I remember now. I’m on the phone gave an interview to the Ukrainian edition. And I hear how she stops and after a pause said: “Natasha. I was told that you banned from entering the country for five years. “ The reason for such a podkovyrkoy supposedly their creativity artist Queen is a threat for the Ukrainian state. All my life I sing about love in politics not to get involved … At first, I reassured the journalist, although the most hands were shaking. And having ended the conversation, I began to think, how to tell a mother.

“For the family, it was a blow. It is understood that the first recognized mother was shocked. But most of all I’m worried about my grandmother – Sofia Nikolayevna, who lives in Kiev, 94 years. Hearing that I closed the road home, she could not believe it. Health deteriorated sharply. Granny old, heart knocks, pressure. A couple of days on duty at the entrance to the emergency resuscitation. Now she rarely gets up, although I went through the apartment, which is ready. In Moscow, it is impossible to move – too bad … “

It is clear that she is not alone – there aunt, brothers. But my grandmother and I were always close, I come at least once every six months. I hope the situation will change. I hired a lawyer in Ukraine who are trying to appeal the decision. Prepared package of documents, which will give to the Ukrainian court will process. And according to the law at the time of his I have a right to enter the country.

Dad, goodbye!

С папой, Владимиром Архиповичем, певица всегда была очень близка

With the Pope, Vladimir Arkhipovich, the singer has always been very close // Photo: Personal archive

– February 10 my father, Vladimir Arkhipovich, would have turned 77 years old. He died of leukemia in 1993, when I was 20. Dad, I always felt more togetherness than with his mother. She does not put her hands to learn the diagnosis, though she was young, unaccustomed to shock.

father’s disease was indolent, blood tests “lame” for the past 10 years of his life. But it is especially hard on his health affected by the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. After a disaster, the director of the Palace “Ukraine” brought artists and said, “It is our duty – to give a concert for the rescuers.” We went to the area, and my 12-year-old girl, accompanied the Pope. There he received a dose of radiation, which proved to be fatal. Father lasted 8 years, but it was fading. I tried to save him. Although there was no specific financial opportunities, he lifted all communications – managed to bring him to Germany, to organize in the best clinics. But it was too late …

“When the German doctors have done all they can, call me and confessed:” Natasha, if six months earlier … “Dad was discharged, we returned home. He lived for another three months. Until the last days was not bedridden patients. For some ridiculous accident father – a good teacher, conductor – he died on 1 September. He is buried in Kiev. His tomb – a place where I always come, visiting their native lands. I am missing so far. But the early years was the feeling after his death, that with it a part of me is gone. “


– I’ve always dreamed of a big happy family – one that was in my childhood. For a long time my husband Sergey trying to have a second child. We do not give up hope that the walls of our house again sounds of children’s laughter. When our son was born, we decided to take the time – both wanted to do career. Work whirled, the years have passed. The last few years we have a children’s issue of great concern. I would like a girl sister Arkhip. Periodically talk about it, we support each other. There were missed abortion, and unsuccessful IVF. A biological clock is ticking …

Son Now 14, he is an independent man, goes to school abroad – tightens languages, accustomed to adulthood. Of course, it would be hard, he often calls, he asks for advice, misses. Sergei and I want it to be raised by this man, who in the future, in which case it will provide us with grandchildren. Compensates, so to speak, their own children. But so far, and we do not despair – does not retract this topic pigeonholed. There is still time to make our dream come true with Sergei. “

Сын Наташи и Сергея Глушко Архип сейчас учится в школе в Америке, домой приезжает только на каникулы

Son Natasha and Sergei Glushko Arkhip now studying at a school in America, coming home only on holidays // Photo: Personal archive

Kelly Clarkson glad that no longer able to have children

The singer and her husband decided it was not going to increasingly become parents. Kelly and her husband made their respective operations. In a recent interview, Clarkson said, prompting her to take this step.

Келли Кларксон

Kelly Clarkson // Photos: Social Networking

34-year-old singer Kelly Clarkson has told journalists that he was not going to have children anymore and she is very pleased with this circumstance. According to the celebrity, previous pregnancy had exhausted her. Therefore, the singer doubted that such a test stand again. Clarkson also reported that he had never felt worse than at the time of the child’s expectations. In connection with etii Kelly tied fallopian tubes, as well as her husband forced to undergo sterilization.

“I am very glad that I can no longer have children. I have beautiful children, but I can not anymore. I am very hard to tolerate pregnancy, she suffered from constant nausea and landed in the hospital with dehydration. Undoubtedly, the efforts were worth the result – now I am a mother of two amazing children. I gave birth to them and decided to close for himself the subject of pregnancy forever. Well, I have a husband who supports me, “- said the actress.

By the way, a few months ago, Clarkson became a mother for the second time. In April this year, the singer gave birth to a son. “Our little boy was born … He is completely healthy, and we are crazy about happiness and love,” – he shared his star in the “Twitter”.

Recall that Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock got married in 2013. Wedding singer was held in a beautiful hotel in the countryside. The event was attended only by family and friends lovers. Celebrity hide ceremony date from fans and journalists, but after some time shared in social networks, pictures taken on that memorable day.

Prior to marry her boyfriend, Kelly met with him for about two years. Young people met at the American Country Music Awards ceremony. About the beloved singer knows that he works in the music industry.

Note that Kelly Clarkson and her husband are raising four children. Two of them were born during his first marriage chosen celebrity. In 2014, the artist gave his wife a charming girl, called River, and two years later she gave birth to her son Alexander Remingstona.