Podolsk and Presnyakov show passion at the “New Wave”

Fans of Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolskaya do not get tired to admire the touching relationship between the musicians. Despite the fact that the artists together for a long time, it seems that they are in love with each other at the beginning of the novel. Today, at a rehearsal of the contest “New Wave” Natalia and Vladimir once again showed his feelings. On stage, they looked pathetic.

Also, a number showed Philip. The king of pop scene, as usual, will present to all the spectators bright room, which involved numerous dancers. The whole team once again worked every detail, so that the show turned out perfect.

Dima likes to surprise viewers spectacular numbers. At the rehearsal the singer performed the song Lying.

Contest of young singers “New Wave” in this anniversary year for the festival brought together numerous stars of Russian and foreign music. As guests of honor arrived in Sochi, the brightest representatives of show business. There have also been invited, and world-famous artists such as Ricky Martin, Lara Fabian, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Anna Netrebko and Sting.

Apparently, celebrities a great time at the festival in Sochi. For them, the “New Wave” – is not only an opportunity to showcase young artists professional work on stage, but also to communicate with colleagues.

Many viewers are introduced to the new names and talented young performers, as well as pay attention to the appearance of well-known people. In one of the competition days Nikolay Baskov has surprised all the fans of the festival is very bold and extravagant attire. To enter the event, which takes place in the seaside town, he chose to suit the water master. Spicy place Golden Voices of Russia was covered with shells.

Nastasya Sambursky seizes stress in Italy

More recently, all TV viewers channel TNT learned unpleasant truths about Nastasya Sambursky. In the program “Battle psychics” wizards and witches were told that the mother of the actress lives in poverty, and her brother used drugs. Previously, such information about the star of “Univer” series never appeared. Woman carefully concealed information about his relatives and never remembered his childhood. To forget the unpleasant impressions, Nastasia decided to leave Russia on a tour of Italy.


Before leaving abroad actress changed her hairstyle: has cut hair and tinted strands of bright paint. During the trip Sambursky, known for his love of a healthy lifestyle and exercise, relax and start eating fatty and high-calorie food: pizza, pasta and other Mediterranean specialties. “Tasty, than in Italy, it does not happen” – so she explained her desire to try all the local dishes. In the second blog, dedicated to nutrition and training, Nastasya puts pictures of dishes, which she tasted in the restaurants on Lake Como and Florence. “To be in Italy and not to eat pizza tonight? And I ate. Already hired two people to roll out on stage on September 10 in the play “Pochtigorod”, – he joked the star.

By the way, now the social network users are unable to comment on the posts Nastasia Sambursky: Girl tired of negativity in your address and promotional offers. “People, why are you so fond of handing out advice to those who do not need them? Advise you need, when you turn to. And when you do not ask, wish for good or go to hell “, – the actress wrote on her page.

Back in Russia, the actress plans to spend a lot of time in the health club. According to the star said that the coach has prepared a challenging program for her. Also Nastasya continue boxing as a form of physical activity burns calories very well.

The daughter of a priest is mired in depravity on reality show

Margaret Kern does not hesitate to behave provocatively. The daughter of a priest allows himself to go on a hot island of semi-nude. The fans did not appreciate such a bold behavior of girls and advised to be a little more modest. However, the participant reality show “Dom-2. Love Island “, apparently, real enemies did not confuse.

In the project “Dom-2. Love Island “came the priest’s daughter
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Of the new

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Recently launched a new reality show “Dom-2.Ostrov love.” As planned by the creators of the program, 12 girls will compete for the attention of two young men – Alexander and Ivan Zadoynova Barzikova. Producers are very carefully selected participants, who came to the Seychelles, to compete for the heart of the star of “House-2”. Each of them tries to express her femininity and sexuality, attracting men the most sophisticated ways.

One of the brightest member of a new reality show – a priest’s daughter Margaret Kern. She did not hesitate to show the charm of his figures, and in particular the eighth the size of the breast. Moreover, even Kern decided to go topless on tropical islands. As it turned out, the girls lost in the competition, and as punishment had to walk around with bare breasts. However, Margaret still did not dare to go to the improper form – and covered the chest with adhesive tape. Moreover, it is wrapped with tape hips and legs.

Fans of a similar appearance of the girls did not cause rapid enthusiasm. The guardians of morality felt that such defiance did not paint a young girl, and the more it does honor to the two young men, who came specially for the project to finally meet his true love.

In the project “Dom-2. Love Island “came the priest’s daughter

It is likely that Margarita did not pay attention to negative reviews. Perhaps this is one of the tactics of a girl to win over Alexander and Ivan. As admitted “StarHitu” a close friend of the priest’s daughter Alex Leslie Kern studied two years to manipulate men and knows many tricks.
“The other girls did not rival for Kern – says a friend of Margarita. – It is exactly what is going on the show is not over a million. She had a rich men, that they rolled her a lot of money. I think she fell in love, for that matter, even a camera. Because her life was a case where she lived with her boyfriend and paid him an apartment, food, clothing. All because of love! “