Husband Ksenia Borodina: “Soon my family will be more”

Spouse presenter said “StarHitu” the first words of his daughter, traditions and building a house. Kurban Omarov admitted that after moving out of the city has changed their lives for the better. Every night they spend together watching movies, and in the morning the whole family awaits signature breakfast from Xenia.

В доме Ксении и Курбана всегда слышны детские голоса. Омар приезжает на все выходные, чтобы поиграть с сестрами

The house Xenia and Kurban always heard children’s voices. Omar arrives at the weekend to play with my sisters // Photo: Ekaterina Ratundalova

The past 2016 th year was difficult for Xenia and Kurban. After the spring of private life presenter and her husband became a subject of public discussion, the couple decided to run away from the prying eyes of the city to arrange a world in which there is a place only you know.

– I remember once talking to Ksenya and she claimed that she was a resident of the city, and it would not drag in the village. How did you manage?

Sister Evelyn Bledans suffering from a deadly disease

The woman developed cirrhosis due to hepatitis. Diana Bledans long time did not communicate with his famous relative, and therefore did not apply to her for help, finding themselves in a difficult situation.

Эвелина Бледанс с сестрой Дианой и племянницей Даниэллой

Evelyn Bledans with my sister and niece Diana Danielle // Photo: “Instagram”

Evelyn’s sister Diana Bledans only recently regained contact with his famous relative. The fact that women have a dad, but they were brought up in different families. Until recently, women were not interested in the life of each other and only met in the studio of one of the television programs. It turned out that Diana suffered fatal disease. More details about the illness she said on the air program “Show and tell”.

“I have cirrhosis of the liver. I know this for five years. I do not drink, the disease appeared in the background of hepatitis. I started ascites – water outlet into the stomach as if you get a round, “- said the younger sister Evelyn.
Diana’s sister Evelyn Bledans five years struggling with the disease // Photo: The program block “Show and tell”

Guests in the studio noticed that Diana looks great, despite a serious illness, and quite calmly tells of her grief. But Bledans said that it was very difficult to gather his thoughts, after she learned about the terrible disease. Doctors even said that it is necessary to live six months. However, taking care of her daughter Danielle gives it strength.

“The child was small, and had to pull myself together. I told myself that it is necessary to raise a child “, – Diana admitted.

The younger sister of the famous TV presenter and actress is now undergoing the expensive treatment and spends huge sums on drugs. She admitted that she was advised to make a liver transplant, but she refused, as believes will overcome the illness. But Diana did not seek the help of his famous sister. Evelyn Bledans also came to the studio of the program “Show and tell” to maintain relative. Actress immediately greeted and hugged Diana.

“The man is sick as much as he feels sick. Guilt – a bad feeling, but I promise you that for the sake of the child, it should not be in my life, because I have to live a long life and raise a child “, – said a celebrity.
Эвелина призналась, что у нее нет свободных денег на помощь

Evelyn admitted that she had no spare cash to help // Photo: The program block “Show and tell”

Guests in the studio were surprised when they learned that Evelyn does not provide financial support for his sister. The program showed a modest one-bedroom apartment of Diana at the center of Yalta and compared with a three-story mansion of actress. Now relatives came to visit Bledans. The artist arranges for their cultural program – it leads to museums and attractions, as well as being pampered with expensive gifts. However, experts in the studio noticed that the money Evelyn could pay for treatment sister. However, celebrity believes that positive emotions are only good.

“I do not have a free million, I can not promise that will help. Now they came to visit. But I also have debts, loans, I will not lie, I’ll start to help, “- justified artist.

However, Evelyn did not spare the money to pay for a survey sister. Doctors said that with proper care, you can overcome the disease. Also in the studio “Show and tell” a daughter of Diana Danielle Malovik. She remembered the day when my mother told her the terrible news.

“Five years ago, she said, it was very hard. Simply he said if it will not, I will continue alone, and my life changed dramatically. She said she hopes to have time to do something while it’s still here, “- shared memories of young girl.
Дочь Дианы Даниэлла поддерживает маму

Daughter of Diana Danielle supports her mother // Photo: The program block “Show and tell”

Evelyn could not hold back their emotions and tears. She said that she very much wants to help his sister, but she had no spare money on something to give to their relatives. However, the actress has decided to make a gorgeous gift Diana. She has presented her a fur coat, but said that she went to her barter. Moreover, the actress sister handed documents to the ground. The site got Evelyn and Diana inherited from her father.

“I do not know what it exactly – said the actress, transferring a folder with papers. – According to documents there is some land and forests. But in order to take hold of this, it is necessary to obtain Latvian citizenship. “

In conclusion, Evelyn Bledans said that if her sister would happen the worst, she will take the full responsibility for the education of her niece Danielle.

The ex-husband of Anastasia Soltan explained why throw it before his death

With the death of his daughter who died in an accident the deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg passed a few days. Reporters contacted the ex-husband of Anastasia Alexei Plotnikov, a politician and a member of the party “Fair Russia”. The man opened the reasons for which decided to part with his beloved.

Анастасия Солтан и Алексей Плотников

Soltan Anastasia and Alexei Plotnikov // Photos: Social Networking

Last week, the heiress to the deputy chairman of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Paul Soltan, who died in a road accident in August this year, committed suicide. The girl has been prolonged depression, which became the cause of suicide. A few days then this Soltan divorced Alexei Plotnikov. Anastasia claimed that her husband away from her. The victim of the tragedy said that ex-boyfriend did not even ask how she was feeling.

Reporters contacted the former spouse Anastasia Alexei Plotnikov. The man spoke openly about what caused his divorce from the unhappy girl. Plotnikov states that insisted on this Anastasia environment. Close Soltan, believes Alexey, convinced her to apply to the court for a divorce.

Before his death, Anastasia Soltan left a farewell letter

“It is unfortunate that a number of Anastasia were the people who gave it, in my opinion, not the best advice – to file for divorce. This initiative Anastasia, together with her sister and her husband, who has carried out a lawyer. Nastya did not come to court. And I myself am by coincidence was late to court. The only thing I was asked: “Are you going to appeal the court’s decision?” But love can not be. Fight for the person who says, “I see you do not want, do not come here.” For my part, the conversation was short, which ended after the transfer of money, which she had requested “- shared Alexei Plotnikov.

Former husband Soltan said that a close family friend Marina Parfyonov urged him to protect his wife from the influence of his sister. According to Paul Soltan friend of the deceased, Veronica jealous sister to so hated her mother.

Carpenters also believes that Anastasia especially so behaved to surrounding spared. To that end, the man says, she wrote heartbreaking posts. Alex believes that the victims depended on the likes and comments that were left on the Internet. After Anastasia gave an interview in which spoke negatively about the family, it began to blame the social networks. “That is, it was no longer supported, and only criticism. Perhaps this criticism she could not stand “- said the ex-boyfriend of the deceased

We note that in a recent interview Soltan openly spoke about a quarrel with her sister and her husband. Anastasia and Veronica accused Vyacheslav Koltsov that they deprived her keys from the parent apartments and shielded from contact with the outside world, seizing her money and phone. If you analyze the recent publication Soltan on social networks, it becomes clear that it conflicted with spouse Veronica and called him a tyrant. The victim of the tragedy and said that has not received money from his father’s friends, dedicated to its treatment and rehabilitation.

Friends granddaughter Platon Lebedev

Journalists report that the children of rich parents staged a race in Switzerland. One of the participants of the competition was the granddaughter Diana Platon Lebedev. 19-year-old girl died in a car crash along with his companion.

Диана Лебедева

Diana Lebedeva // Photo: “Instagram”

The media reported that the 19-year-old granddaughter, Platon Lebedev Diana died in a car crash. The tragedy took place in Switzerland on the way from Lugano to Geneva. According to journalists, the car in which there was Lebedev, fell from the bridge. The bodies found at the bottom of the lake. Satellite Diana, 23-year-old young man, also died. It is known that he was in the car.

Journalists reported that the cause of death Lebedeva and her friend began to race, who organized the young people on the Swiss highway. The car in which there were Diana and her friend, flew off the road and broke through the barrier. Mangled car was raised from the bottom of Lake Lugano with a crane and several rescue ships.

Later it became clear that, together with Diana in the race was Azer Yagubov, Swiss college student Franklin. According to some publications, he is the nephew Subhi Shikhlinski – Head of the State Legal Department of the Government Department.

Friends and Diana leave comments to the posts of women, in which mourning of her death. Last published in the microblogging Lebedeva was made one week ago in Zurich. “Girl ours, rest in peace,” “the kingdom of heaven, angel,” “Sleep tight”, “Earth you down, honey,” “Like yesterday, I remember the days when you saw,” “I do not believe that you no longer have to light. Diane, you’re in my memory forever remain of the ten-year girl, which I first saw you on the veranda, “” simply impossible to believe. She was my classmate. I look at your photos, and you as a living “,” Very sorry. This luxurious, beautiful and young “- subscribers girls write.

We recall that seven years ago in Switzerland also organized illegal races that have troubled the entire local population. Their participants were “majors” from Russia, who included the heirs of the oligarch Telman Ismailov. As a result, young people of the competition there was a major accident, which injured 70-year-old pensioner. Then the elderly man was taken to the intensive care unit in serious condition.

Platon Lebedev – a businessman, a former chairman of the “Menatep” and involved in the case of Yukos. He was arrested in 2003 together with Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Lebedev served ten and a half years in a penal colony. The man was charged with tax evasion, theft of oil and the legalization of illegally obtained funds. In 2014, the defendant was released, and a year earlier had been pardoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

In the first case of Yukos court imposed Lebedev’s debt of 17 billion rubles. According to journalists, the businessman is the beneficiary of several trust funds. In 2016, Lebedev re-entered the list of 200 richest Russians, along with his former colleague Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Milan and Alexander Kerzhakov become sponsors of the Hermitage

Russian footballer and his wife took a new height. More recently, their foundation is working with one of the most famous museums in the country. The agreement was signed a few days ago in the cultural capital.

Александр Кержаков с супругой Миланой

Alexander Kerzhakov and his wife Milana // Photo: “Instagram”

Eighteen months ago, the main Russian striker Alexander Kerzhakov and his wife founded the Milan Kerzhakov “Stars for Children” charity fund, which in a short time has been able to help more than 600 needy and take 200 children in care. As part of the auction was able to collect 28 million rubles, which went to help ward organization.

Now their charity fund takes a new height – this afternoon at the Hermitage Theater the signing of a protocol of intent, which was attended by General Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky and the director general of the fund “Star Children” Milan Kerzhakov.

After the ceremonial signing of Milan noted that today represents the interests of not only themselves, but also her husband, who for valid reasons could not come to the Hermitage.

“For half a year we have been able to do much, but I am confident that this protocol will become a new milestone in our development. I am grateful to Mikhail Khodorkovsky for this and hope that our cooperation will be fruitful and the most effective “- admitted Milan Kerzhakov.
Милана Кержакова стремительно ворвалась в благотворительность и уже успела сделать много добрых дел

Kerzhakov Milan swiftly broke into the charity and has already managed to do a lot of good deeds // Photo: Mikhail Sadchikov Jr.

It should be noted that under the agreement the parties will now be prepared by a three-year program of cooperation between the museum and the fund for the implementation of children’s educational programs. In addition, the “Star Children” Foundation posodeystvuet improve the technical equipment of the State Hermitage School Center.

“Technical equipment – this is only the first step, and we hope that we will be able to realize a lot more joint projects”, – added Kerzhakov.

“StarHitu” as it became known that in early December, will be held a Christmas charity auction Foundation “Star Children”. This time, the organizers hope to beat last year’s record his (then managed to gather as many as 12 million rubles!), The benefit of the fund development program includes a number of important aspects that they are going to implement in the next year.

Милана Кержакова, Наталья Тюльпанова и Михаил Пиотровский

Kerzhakov Milan, Natalia and Mikhail Piotrovsky Tyulpanov // Photo: Mikhail Sadchikov Jr.