Driver Dzhigurda: “With Nikita lives Woman”

According to the man, the actor suits rituals and never leaves home. After the divorce, Nikita is sitting in the apartment, does not respond to calls and no one speaks. However, as it became known from the words of the driver, along with Dzhigurda involved in the mysteries of its former director, Antonina.

Никита Джигурда

Nikita Dzhigurda // Photo: “Instagram”

After her divorce from Marina Anissina and news about the rape late Lyudmila Bratash Nikita Dzhigurda locked the house and did not go anywhere. According to some reports, the apartment in which he spends the whole day, belongs to his ex-wife. In the program “Live” with Boris Korchevnikovym guests discussed what happens to a famous actor. Marina Anisina revealed the truth about divorce

The transmission of the studio appeared Dzhigurda older brother Sergei, who said his cousin really consume soft drugs, which is why he speaks with him a little at the moment. “He has delusions of grandeur, a disorder caused by drug use. He has repeatedly been bleeding because of this “, – he explained Sergey, but does not believe that this is something serious. He argues that Nikita did not immediately become the way it is now seen everything.

In the current state of Nikita has not been seen, but his driver. Yevgeny Ilyin, who works with the artist for several years, confirmed that the actor will not come out.

“He’s paranoid. He is afraid of the wild fear. He does not answer to anyone’s calls, does not open the door. Open the door only for the transfer of food through the balcony. It is a disease “- the driver admitted.
Евгений Ильин - единственный, кто ходит к Джигурде

Yevgeny Ilyin – the only one who goes to Dzhigurda // Photo: Still from the program

According to Ilyin, it all started about two months ago. “This one had a temple candles. He holds cabalistic rituals, “- said the man. Eugene says that the former director Antonina Dzhigurda Savrasov lives with him.

“They’re on the same wavelength with Nikita. I do not know what they were doing. They say they communicate in their mysteries, “- explained Ilyin.

Guests of the program believe that Nikita is necessary to undergo treatment. “If he can get an inheritance Bratash, he will open his own school, if you can not, then organizes the sect”, – said Sergey Dzhigurda, adding that in this way of life Nikita “stretch” for 12 years.

Сергей Джигурда подтвердил, что у Никиты психопатия

Sergey Dzhigurda confirmed that Nikita psychopathy // Photo: Still from the program

Earlier, Nikita Dzhigurda already forced to undergo treatment in a psychiatric clinic. However, the actor claims that falls into the category of men of genius, so his behavior sometimes does not coincide with the generally accepted norms.

Никита Джигурда не выходит из дома почти два месяца

Nikita Dzhigurda not leave the house for almost two months // Photo: Still from the program

Tina Kandelaki boasted future son in law

The daughter businesswoman appeared secret admirer. Tina Kandelaki showed a huge basket of gorgeous roses, hinting that the flowers are not for her. Fans believe that luxury gift presented to 16-year-old daughter of a star of her cavalier.


Тина Канделаки

The well-known TV presenter and businesswoman Tina Kandelaki has made it clear that her 16-year-old daughter Melania appeared cavalier. Star published in microblogging photo elegant bouquet, consisting of dozens of roses bright crimson color. A huge basket of flowers occupied a lot of space in the apartment, and led to the admiration of Tina Kandelaki, which is not easy to surprise.

This is such a magnificent gift, and by whom it was made, did not specify a businesswoman, she only explicitly hinted that the donor is close to her family.

“Such a basket is accepted to give in decent Georgian families. Remember, if you are a Georgian-law, the number one rule or rule Pirosmani if Rose, a million “, – commented on the picture visually stunning bouquet Tina Kandelaki.

Died legendary clown Oleg Popov

People’s Artist of the USSR died on 87 th year of life, when he was on tour in Rostov-on-Don. Last time Popov has been there over 40 years ago. On the death of Oleg K. said Edgard Zapashny.


Олег Попов

Oleg Popov // Photo: Inter /

87, died USSR People’s Artist clown Oleg Popov. This “StarHitu” said Edgard Zapashny. According to the trainer, the sad news he had learned from a colleague. He contacted the night of the trainer and told him about Popov’s death. At the time of his death, the actor was on tour in Russia.

“I got a call and reported that Oleg Popov died 20 minutes ago, when he was on tour in Rostov. I learned about this from the CEO Rostsirka Men’shov Ivanov. Popov’s work has been home for him, and therefore we can say that he died at home, “- said Edgard Zapashny” StarHitu “.

His tour began at home with Popov St. Petersburg, and then continued in Saratov and Rostov-on-Don. The artist presented the new program “Let there always be sunshine”, it had been planned, both old and new reprise, and the numbers of trained animals, tightrope walkers, acrobats and velofiguristov.

It is worth noting that the last time the legendary clown visited the Don capital of more than 40 years ago. Just recently, fans Popov shared joyful news of his arrival and was met at the airport a celebrity. The locals were really happy that they were able to touch a real legend, performed with such renowned reprises as “Cook”, “Whistle” and “Ray”. Fans of the circus, which, thanks to the arrival of Oleg K. able to immerse themselves in childhood, expressed his thanks to the social networks by posting photographs together with him. Actor gladly posed for the fans, a lot of jokes and entertained them.

Immediately after the Rostov folk artist of the USSR had to go to Moscow and Samara, however, unfortunately all fans of his talent, it did not happen. Relatives and friends Popov accept condolences.

Жители Ростова были искренне рады соприкоснуться с настоящей легендой

Residents of Rostov were really pleased to get in touch with a real legend // Photos: Social Networking
Олег Попов и его поклонники

Ex-wife Tarasova hinted at the cause of his frustration with Buzov

Followers immediately guessed that he meant the former wife of footballer. Since the beginning of the week the fans do not stop to discuss the possible separation Dmitry Tarasova and Olga Buzova. Sami celebrities do not speak openly about what is going on in their family.


Ольга Бузова и Дмитрий Тарасов

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov // Photo: “Instagram”

Rumors that the leading “House-2” Olga Buzova is experiencing not the best time to family life with the player Dmitry Tarasov, excite fans of the pair for several days. The couple is off with vague comments on the spat, making fans even more to worry about their relationship. Olga Buzova spoke about the pain of betrayal

I do not stay aside and ex-wife of an athlete Oksana Tarasova, who after the divorce brings with him a seven-year daughter Angelina, Anna. The ex-wife of footballer expressed its opinion in microblogging. Subscribers Oksana guessed that this woman had in mind. They thought that she talked about her ex-husband and his disagreement with current wife Olga Buzova.

“When you forgive someone, it does not mean that a person has no more debts for the incident. This means that its long you unsubscribe from themselves and handed over to the collector agency “Karma inc.» I believe in this statement 100%. PS So then if I nakosyachil unintentionally, then at the Moscow car missing, flashing me turn signals. Rays collect good, karma brush, send positive impulses to the Universe “- burst into philosophical

“The hint is clear”, “About Buzov?” – Immediately echoed followers of the former wife of footballer. Soon, however, Oksana has removed its publication and did not explain what she meant.

While themselves Dmitry and Olga remain silent, their star friends urged fans to calm down and stop to discuss personal life couples. Ksenia Borodina decided to support a colleague.

“My beautiful girl Buzova strong and courageous. PS If you have a heart, if you have something to do besides the bones wash up, leave it alone, all right, “- said the TV presenter, prudently disable subscribers to comment on the publication.

Fans are trying in every way to make Olga and Dmitry to think again and to restore the old relationship, which are considered ideal. For many, the TV presenter and football family served as a role model, but because they are afraid to even imagine their divorce. Some even decide to start a flash mob, to celebrities and thought better reconciled.

Foreign media are discussing the future of the baby name Kate Middleton

According to reports, the girl will be called in honor of Princess Diana. British tabloids reported that Kate Middleton is pregnant. Despite these details, the royal family is left without comment the rumors.


Кейт Миддлтон

Kate Middleton // Photo: Splash News

Another wave of rumors about the supposed pregnancy rose Kate Middleton. British media, citing a source close to the royal family, does discuss this news. Moreover, they say, even some of the details about the future of the baby.

“The palace is buzzing just discussing it, everyone knows that it’s a girl,” – said the source.

Although it is not known for sure whether the information appeared in the royal family soon to be born baby, as the baby will be called. According to the source, the girl called Diana in honor of the deceased Prince William’s mother. “This is the best way to show their respect,” – said in the press.

These rumors were made and sister Kate – Pippa. In the near future she is going to marry her millionaire lover James Matthews. As reported, the scope of the forthcoming celebrations would overshadow the wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge. As a gift, he gave her an expensive ring. According to experts, despite the vintage design, decoration Pippa recently made to order, worth more than 200 thousand pounds, and in all respects superior to Ceylon Sapphire Princess Diana, Prince William who gave Katherine. But now, according to press reports, Pippa worries that the birth of the third child Kate could outshine her wedding. That is why the Duchess’s sister even thought about how to move the celebration.

“Pippa terribly nervous that all the attention and this time get Kate” – quoted Star magazine source.

Despite the hype, the royal family has remained silent and did not comment on rumors about the pregnancy of Kate. I must say that the interesting position of Prince William’s wife is credited regularly. Sometimes the royal family denies false information, and sometimes even completely leave such conversations without attention.