The “Game of Thrones” has a competitor

At the premiere of “Viking” in the movie “October” it’s so many people that see familiar faces all was impossible. I do not be mistaken if I say that enjoyed watching the entire first line of our show business.

Данила Козловский в роли Крестителя Руси

Danila Kozlovsky as the Baptist of Rus // Photo: Stills from “Viking”

Creating kinogimna in honor of Grand Duke Vladimir (namely, of the fate of this character, and is dedicated to the picture) at a cost of 1 billion 200 million rubles. Costs are big, but coming out of the hall, many inspired by the heroic perfect way (you are no 900 concubines attributed to Vladimir Svyatoslavich) wondered: “Why is a monument to this white and fluffy historic character so much controversy and did not open much earlier in Moscow?”

The well-known philanthropist Paul Tapashidi even came up with the idea to build the world a new city and called it Vladimirograd (details on the website). Personally, my impressions are – Danila Kozlovsky as Grand Duke is great, his partner, Alexander Bortich – she appeared Polotsk Princess Rogneda – an incredibly beautiful and sexy. Above all praise and Maxim Sukhanov: he portrayed Sveneld – mentor future Baptist of Rus. So the creators of the famous “Game of Thrones” (parallel with this fantastic saga in the “Viking” are obvious), represented by the story of the sixth prince of Kiev, who lived in the tenth century AD, there is something to fear.

The ex-husband refuses to have Karina Mishulin daughter

Actor Oleg Zhukov did not provide any support for his 12-year-old heiress. Karina Mishulina requires nothing from her ex-husband, and does not intend to apply for child support. According to the man, he hesitates to establish relations with the child, as bogged down in debt.

Карина Мишулина и дочь Кристина

Karina Mishulina and daughter Christina // Photo: “VKontakte”

The daughter of the famous actor Spartacus Mishulina Karina for more than twelve years ago, she married actor Oleg Zhukov. Then she played the secret wedding, without notifying even the closest people. However, the marriage was short-lived. As told Karina Mishulina in the program “Show and tell”, she does not talk now with the ex-spouse, despite the fact that they have common is growing daughter Christina. Moreover, man does not pay child support, and does not seek to participate in the life of a girl.

“We have so happened – we have lost touch. Dispersed on my initiative, the relationship was lost for him, “- said the star of” Fizruk “series.

Oleg Zhukov does not consider itself obliged to keep daughter // Photo: “VKontakte”

Despite the fact that Oleg does not provide financial support for the rising generation Christina Mishulina not want to call him to justice through the courts. She is afraid that because of this, he can make a complaint to the girl in the future. For example, to require alimony from the child to its content. Only once the daughter of a famous actor turned to Zhukov to allocate four thousand rubles for the payment of foreign language courses for his daughter. A father of actress Christina shocked.

“He told me:” Are you sure that it is in English? Can I feed the whole little family? “- Remembered Mishulina replica of his ex-wife.
Карина с дочерями Кристиной и Полиной

Karina daughters Christine and Pauline // Photo: “VKontakte”

After these words, Karina decided nothing more to ask Zhukov. Also, it surprised the fact that the man did not want to spend time with the child, in spite of the attempts to make contact actress Christina with her father.

“The daughter went to him back, I asked:” What did you do “-” And the pope was not, I was alone at the computer until it goes somewhere, “- said Mishulina?.

Now, because of her ex-husband in Mishulin had problems, which bring inconveniences for the whole family. The actress, her mother and eldest daughter are threatened with violence. As it turned out, Oleg Zhukov took the credit, and not in a hurry to repay it. Despite the fact that his marriage with Mishulin has long been canceled, and the money he was after the divorce, the bank does not rest just her and her family. According to the man, this circumstance prevents his meeting with the girl. Oleg allegedly ashamed to look her in the eye, because it can not deal with financial problems.

Anna Shulgin admired sexy figure in a bikini

Girl receives compliments from subscribers. On the eve of Anna and her friend headed to warmer climes. By geotagging, an artist rests in Dubai. Every morning during the holidays she plans to start on the beach.

Анна Шульгина улетела в Дубаи

Anna Shulgin flew to Dubai // Photo: “Instagram”

Muz-TV TV presenter Anna Shulgin decided to escape from Moscow winter to warmer climes. The girl long-awaited vacation, and she went with a friend in Dubai. 23-year-old singer has long dreamed of vacation since December turned out to be difficult. She has performed at the party “Dancing! Christmas tree! Muz-TV! “And also starred for fashion brands. Now Valeria daughter can relax and enjoy the hot sun.

On Monday morning, Anna decided to please his followers image in a white swimsuit. On the picture you can see the curves chiseled figure performer. Subscribers were delighted to see a new update microblog Shulgina. “Our favorite Pretty Woman,” “beauty,” “Chic”, “Super” – compliments left users of social networks.

Some girls who read follow the blogs artist, interested in how Anna managed to achieve such a figure. Valerie’s daughter did not just accept that carefully monitors nutrition and trying not to miss a workout in the gym.

The figure and the appearance of Anna often become the subject of discussions in social networks. Many users have sought to identify a beginning star signs of plastic surgery than very offended girl. The actress explained that a person has changed over 10 years only because of the fact that she was very thin. “Teeth have a full mouth, so they stayed. The nose was like potatoes, and stayed. So, dear, can, of course, now fashionable to remodel itself on and up to 20 years, but fortunately, such people, I myself can not be attributed “, – explained Shulgin.

Anna from an early age accustomed to the fact that journalists watched her life. The realization that the singer is popular, came to her when she realized that she learned two unknown teenager. However, Shulgin does not hesitate to appear in public without make-up and sporting things.

“First of all I want to say that I am adequately to healthy criticism. All people are different, at all different taste point of view. If the people that do not like me, they can write about it calmly, for example: “Anna, it seems to me, you the color of this dress is not.” I’m just glad that the fans give their opinion “, – admitted Shulgin” StarHitu

The new “Bachelor”: all the novels of Ilya Glinnikova

He wears on his hands, spending all the money on gifts and insanely jealous. “StarHit” found out what it is – to meet with Ilya Glinnikovym. The new season of the “Bachelor” girls will compete for the heart of the popular actor.

Илья Глинников

Ilya Glinnikov // Photo: Anna SALYNSKY /

For the heart of the role of the artist intern Romanenko 25 beauties compete – in March comes “Bach-5” on TNT. “StarHit” learned, who has already managed to conquer the heart of the actor Elijah Glinnikova.

First love

In his native Novomoskovsk, Tula Region Girls crowds ran for Glinnikovym. But his heart was occupied by Julia.

Первая любовь звезды Юля уже замужем, у нее есть 11-летний сын

First Love star Julia is married, she has a 11-year-old son // Photo: Personal archive

“Ilya was in ninth, and I’m in the seventh grade, – says Yulia Gotsman with” StarHitom “. – During the break I was given an anonymous note: “I like you.” During the next break, another – to draw a flower there. A few days later, Ilya went to meet friends. He was waiting for me after school, wearing a backpack, helping with homework, it was like – quickly make a longer walk. Once Ilya gave me the earrings – just like that, for no reason. I save for lunch and bought, of course, it was a jewelry – rings with pendants like fringe. When went to the disco, be sure to put them on. Ilya hurt if, for example, on March 8 I gave someone a chocolate, then he immediately brought the two. It seemed to us all seriously. But a year later I went to high school, and he was in college, and relationships themselves are over. “

In fire and water

In Moscow, where the actor moved in 2005 for study at drama school, nothing has changed – Glinnikov popular with girls. But if you come across that unique, others ceased to exist for him. In 2009, he met with Leila in the institute’s cafeteria. In the first months of love were inseparable, she came with him to the shooting of the film “Fog”.

Лейла до сих пор хранит фото бывшего возлюбленного

Leila still keeps a photo of former lover // Photo: Personal archive
“Colleagues envied Ilyukha – says” StarHitu “Vasily Raksha leading Disney Channel. – Filmed mostly in the woods. Leila always brought him tea thermos, sandwiches or pastries. I’m teasing him: “You have not a girlfriend, a wife is straight!” It was late into the night. I stand aside and admired. Elijah brought her out of the van and hid a warm blanket … During breaks, they went for a walk in the woods. Once they were not there for two hours, we panicked. It turned out, the guys decided to take a dip in the pond. In water Leila stepped on a nail, and Elijah in his arms carried her back, and then give first aid. “

Love affair at work

“Interns” went the first season of the series in 2010. According to the scenario Varya Chernous played by Christina Asmus and Gleb Romanenko, Hero Glinnikova novel. Fans wondered whether children associated relations in reality.

Глинников и Асмус не смогли остаться друзьями

Glinnikov and Asmus could not remain friends // Photos: Anne SALYNSKY /
“Once, during a break, the actors went in all directions. And now the “intermission” was over, they returned, and they are not – shares with “StarHitom” Victoria Andreeva, tehrabotnik on site. – I went to look for them. I went into one of the rooms, and they lie on the couch and kissing. I immediately closed the door. Ilya caught up with me and asked not to tell anyone. A little later, the crew began to notice how it will correct the hair to Christina, then massage the shoulders. They are often in the morning and come together. “

Media attributed Brad Pitt affair with the star “Suicide Squad”

The Western press is still discussing the divorce of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples. Around their parting was born a lot of rumors. This time, it was reported that the former husband of Angelina Jolie is due to the rising actress.

Актер Брэд Питт

Actor Brad Pitt // Photo: “Instagram”

According to an insider, Brad Pitt is trying to build a relationship with Margot Robbie, became especially popular after the film “Suicide Squad”, which played the role of outrageous comic character Harley Quinn. The actor has always had a soft spot in relation to blondes, and Margot perfectly matches his preferences. According to the source, this information is not new, because Pitt has long kept an eye on the young actress. Because Pitt is the owner of the production company Plan B Films, he has repeatedly tried to invite 26-year-old girl in the shooting of a project.

It should be noted that Angelina Jolie before the divorce proceedings became suspicious and highly jealous spouse to a future liability. She repeatedly asked her husband to stop all communication with Robbie and abandon the idea of inviting her to his studio. Initially, the insider did not disclose the name of the actress, who had too close a relationship with Pitt, but the description was not difficult to guess. Moreover, the source pointed out that this girl is a good friend of the father of six children.

Brad Pitt refused to meet with Angelina Jolie in court

How this information is actual difficult to judge. Some Western media believe that Margot Robbie can not be linked with Brad Pitt for the very reason that she has a boyfriend with whom they secretly married in the summer. With Tom Ackerley it meets in 2013. Even more doubtful is the fact that the first stage of the divorce Pitt attributed to an affair with Marion Cotillard, but relations between the two actors have not been confirmed.

It should be noted that the insider insists Robbie proximity and Pitt. He believes that Margot is the best option for him today, so there can be no doubt. Moreover, he said that the stars are showing with respect to each other mutual sympathy. So far, none of the celebrities did not confirm or deny any rumors. Sources reported about it, it does not bother nor the likely Margot groom nor the age difference between the “in love”. Recall Brad Pitt in December will turn 53 years old, at the time, as a young actress of 26 years.

“They do have feelings for each other. He (Brad Pitt) is single again, and he has no reason to be lonely. Especially considering that Margot – it’s completely his style, “- said the insider.