Sister Evelyn Bledans suffering from a deadly disease

The woman developed cirrhosis due to hepatitis. Diana Bledans long time did not communicate with his famous relative, and therefore did not apply to her for help, finding themselves in a difficult situation.

Эвелина Бледанс с сестрой Дианой и племянницей Даниэллой

Evelyn Bledans with my sister and niece Diana Danielle // Photo: “Instagram”

Evelyn’s sister Diana Bledans only recently regained contact with his famous relative. The fact that women have a dad, but they were brought up in different families. Until recently, women were not interested in the life of each other and only met in the studio of one of the television programs. It turned out that Diana suffered fatal disease. More details about the illness she said on the air program “Show and tell”.

“I have cirrhosis of the liver. I know this for five years. I do not drink, the disease appeared in the background of hepatitis. I started ascites – water outlet into the stomach as if you get a round, “- said the younger sister Evelyn.
Diana’s sister Evelyn Bledans five years struggling with the disease // Photo: The program block “Show and tell”

Guests in the studio noticed that Diana looks great, despite a serious illness, and quite calmly tells of her grief. But Bledans said that it was very difficult to gather his thoughts, after she learned about the terrible disease. Doctors even said that it is necessary to live six months. However, taking care of her daughter Danielle gives it strength.

“The child was small, and had to pull myself together. I told myself that it is necessary to raise a child “, – Diana admitted.

The younger sister of the famous TV presenter and actress is now undergoing the expensive treatment and spends huge sums on drugs. She admitted that she was advised to make a liver transplant, but she refused, as believes will overcome the illness. But Diana did not seek the help of his famous sister. Evelyn Bledans also came to the studio of the program “Show and tell” to maintain relative. Actress immediately greeted and hugged Diana.

“The man is sick as much as he feels sick. Guilt – a bad feeling, but I promise you that for the sake of the child, it should not be in my life, because I have to live a long life and raise a child “, – said a celebrity.
Эвелина призналась, что у нее нет свободных денег на помощь

Evelyn admitted that she had no spare cash to help // Photo: The program block “Show and tell”

Guests in the studio were surprised when they learned that Evelyn does not provide financial support for his sister. The program showed a modest one-bedroom apartment of Diana at the center of Yalta and compared with a three-story mansion of actress. Now relatives came to visit Bledans. The artist arranges for their cultural program – it leads to museums and attractions, as well as being pampered with expensive gifts. However, experts in the studio noticed that the money Evelyn could pay for treatment sister. However, celebrity believes that positive emotions are only good.

“I do not have a free million, I can not promise that will help. Now they came to visit. But I also have debts, loans, I will not lie, I’ll start to help, “- justified artist.

However, Evelyn did not spare the money to pay for a survey sister. Doctors said that with proper care, you can overcome the disease. Also in the studio “Show and tell” a daughter of Diana Danielle Malovik. She remembered the day when my mother told her the terrible news.

“Five years ago, she said, it was very hard. Simply he said if it will not, I will continue alone, and my life changed dramatically. She said she hopes to have time to do something while it’s still here, “- shared memories of young girl.
Дочь Дианы Даниэлла поддерживает маму

Daughter of Diana Danielle supports her mother // Photo: The program block “Show and tell”

Evelyn could not hold back their emotions and tears. She said that she very much wants to help his sister, but she had no spare money on something to give to their relatives. However, the actress has decided to make a gorgeous gift Diana. She has presented her a fur coat, but said that she went to her barter. Moreover, the actress sister handed documents to the ground. The site got Evelyn and Diana inherited from her father.

“I do not know what it exactly – said the actress, transferring a folder with papers. – According to documents there is some land and forests. But in order to take hold of this, it is necessary to obtain Latvian citizenship. “

In conclusion, Evelyn Bledans said that if her sister would happen the worst, she will take the full responsibility for the education of her niece Danielle.

Wooden wedding: as Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin decide the quarrel in the family

Their relationship – an example for millions of what may be the perfect marriage. But every coin has another side. “StarHit” found because of what may quarrel Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin.

Алла Пугачева и Максим Галкин

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin // Photo:

This week, December 23 Diva and broadcaster will celebrate a wooden wedding. They were married five years ago in Kutuzovsky registry office, and the next day arranged a sumptuous feast for family and friends. Their relationship – an example for millions of what may be the perfect marriage. But every coin has another side. Friends of the couple told “StarHitu”, which is why in a stellar family conflicts occur and what kind of work takes on Maxim, not to annoy his wife.

Do not spoil!

After the appearance of Alla and Maxim twins Harry and Lisa played their lives with new colors. The couple most of their time trying to devote to kids who executed in September for three years. However, with regard to the issues of education – here opinions diverge Pugacheva and Galkin.

“Alla of rigor with the children – shares with” StarHitom “godmother of Harry and girlfriend Mila Stavitskaya Diva. – And Maxim always just melts when his son and daughter near. Pampers them in every possible way – is Lisa and Harry just ask and assumed a eyes, he was all ready. Often, the wife returned late from the event, he no-no and blame that cartoons children sit and look longer and do not sleep in due hour. “

However, in all that relates to creativity, Galkin’s wife supports. “Last week Alla recorded a new song in the studio – he says” StarHitu “sound producer Anatoli Lopatin. – Maxim came behind him, looked, was interested in the process. At the end of said composition, and he really likes the way his wife sang it, too. By the way, it is, if you want to record something, do it elsewhere. It happened a long time -. Independent “

Максим обожает баловать наследников подарками

Maxim loves to indulge heirs presents // Photo: “Instagram”

Word for word

The dispute in the star family usually does that at a large table – hospitable hosts often arrange holidays in the castle for friends and relatives. They are always fun, noisy and hearty.

“Discussions are conducted on a variety of topics – continues Mila Stavitskaya. – And politics, music, and children … Of course, Alla Max opinions differ on some issues. And here they are, sometimes, addicted – just like all normal people, sometimes defend their point of view. This may involve, for example, a new song or speech, some of their colleagues. But it is always very intelligent, kindly and quickly turns into a joke. “

But when it comes to serious things, Galkin struggled to stand on the side of his wife and even take some of her worries to herself.

“Maxim – deeply educated, highly intelligent man – says” StarHitu “lawyer Marina Pugacheva Murasheva. – I’m always in front of him like an exam, I am afraid that is not so to speak. I consulted him on the courts with Irson Kudikova by creative studio, and in the theater in St. Petersburg – Maxim actively involved in all processes. Served, of course, for the settlement of problems by peaceful means. By the way, I noticed that all these legal aspects are not so interesting for Alla. You start to tell her, to explain and sometimes you notice the longing in his eyes. And Maxim always listens and often makes decisions for the family, the wife did not have to once again delve into all these nuances. “
За большим столом в замке пары часто собираются их друзья и близкие

At the big table in the castle couples often gather their friends and relatives // Photo: “Instagram”

In a healthy body

Not once Galkin tried to wean her from the wife, probably the most harmful habits – smoking. Diva resin Previously one cigarette after another, but in recent years does not do it on a regular basis, and at all periods and shifts to electronic. Probably, this effect has been achieved thanks to the efforts of the spouse.

“Max never insisted, not forced, but hinted Allais that cigarettes – this is very bad, and it would be great if it were tied to smoking – says” StarHitu “friend of the couple, decorator Boris Krasnov. – Sometimes she agrees with him, and sometimes shrugs supposedly smoked for many years and nothing. But it is worth noting now Alla with a cigarette can be seen much less often – it pleases. Surely the point here and in children – Lisa and Harry, from which you can not hide, and perhaps her husband still seeking his sly. “

Алла и Максим поженились 23 декабря 2011 года

Alla and Maxim were married December 23, 2011 // Photo: Sergey Milan

Anna Shulgin admired sexy figure in a bikini

Girl receives compliments from subscribers. On the eve of Anna and her friend headed to warmer climes. By geotagging, an artist rests in Dubai. Every morning during the holidays she plans to start on the beach.

Анна Шульгина улетела в Дубаи

Anna Shulgin flew to Dubai // Photo: “Instagram”

Muz-TV TV presenter Anna Shulgin decided to escape from Moscow winter to warmer climes. The girl long-awaited vacation, and she went with a friend in Dubai. 23-year-old singer has long dreamed of vacation since December turned out to be difficult. She has performed at the party “Dancing! Christmas tree! Muz-TV! “And also starred for fashion brands. Now Valeria daughter can relax and enjoy the hot sun.

On Monday morning, Anna decided to please his followers image in a white swimsuit. On the picture you can see the curves chiseled figure performer. Subscribers were delighted to see a new update microblog Shulgina. “Our favorite Pretty Woman,” “beauty,” “Chic”, “Super” – compliments left users of social networks.

Some girls who read follow the blogs artist, interested in how Anna managed to achieve such a figure. Valerie’s daughter did not just accept that carefully monitors nutrition and trying not to miss a workout in the gym.

The figure and the appearance of Anna often become the subject of discussions in social networks. Many users have sought to identify a beginning star signs of plastic surgery than very offended girl. The actress explained that a person has changed over 10 years only because of the fact that she was very thin. “Teeth have a full mouth, so they stayed. The nose was like potatoes, and stayed. So, dear, can, of course, now fashionable to remodel itself on and up to 20 years, but fortunately, such people, I myself can not be attributed “, – explained Shulgin.

Anna from an early age accustomed to the fact that journalists watched her life. The realization that the singer is popular, came to her when she realized that she learned two unknown teenager. However, Shulgin does not hesitate to appear in public without make-up and sporting things.

“First of all I want to say that I am adequately to healthy criticism. All people are different, at all different taste point of view. If the people that do not like me, they can write about it calmly, for example: “Anna, it seems to me, you the color of this dress is not.” I’m just glad that the fans give their opinion “, – admitted Shulgin” StarHitu

The new “Bachelor”: all the novels of Ilya Glinnikova

He wears on his hands, spending all the money on gifts and insanely jealous. “StarHit” found out what it is – to meet with Ilya Glinnikovym. The new season of the “Bachelor” girls will compete for the heart of the popular actor.

Илья Глинников

Ilya Glinnikov // Photo: Anna SALYNSKY /

For the heart of the role of the artist intern Romanenko 25 beauties compete – in March comes “Bach-5” on TNT. “StarHit” learned, who has already managed to conquer the heart of the actor Elijah Glinnikova.

First love

In his native Novomoskovsk, Tula Region Girls crowds ran for Glinnikovym. But his heart was occupied by Julia.

Первая любовь звезды Юля уже замужем, у нее есть 11-летний сын

First Love star Julia is married, she has a 11-year-old son // Photo: Personal archive

“Ilya was in ninth, and I’m in the seventh grade, – says Yulia Gotsman with” StarHitom “. – During the break I was given an anonymous note: “I like you.” During the next break, another – to draw a flower there. A few days later, Ilya went to meet friends. He was waiting for me after school, wearing a backpack, helping with homework, it was like – quickly make a longer walk. Once Ilya gave me the earrings – just like that, for no reason. I save for lunch and bought, of course, it was a jewelry – rings with pendants like fringe. When went to the disco, be sure to put them on. Ilya hurt if, for example, on March 8 I gave someone a chocolate, then he immediately brought the two. It seemed to us all seriously. But a year later I went to high school, and he was in college, and relationships themselves are over. “

In fire and water

In Moscow, where the actor moved in 2005 for study at drama school, nothing has changed – Glinnikov popular with girls. But if you come across that unique, others ceased to exist for him. In 2009, he met with Leila in the institute’s cafeteria. In the first months of love were inseparable, she came with him to the shooting of the film “Fog”.

Лейла до сих пор хранит фото бывшего возлюбленного

Leila still keeps a photo of former lover // Photo: Personal archive
“Colleagues envied Ilyukha – says” StarHitu “Vasily Raksha leading Disney Channel. – Filmed mostly in the woods. Leila always brought him tea thermos, sandwiches or pastries. I’m teasing him: “You have not a girlfriend, a wife is straight!” It was late into the night. I stand aside and admired. Elijah brought her out of the van and hid a warm blanket … During breaks, they went for a walk in the woods. Once they were not there for two hours, we panicked. It turned out, the guys decided to take a dip in the pond. In water Leila stepped on a nail, and Elijah in his arms carried her back, and then give first aid. “

Love affair at work

“Interns” went the first season of the series in 2010. According to the scenario Varya Chernous played by Christina Asmus and Gleb Romanenko, Hero Glinnikova novel. Fans wondered whether children associated relations in reality.

Глинников и Асмус не смогли остаться друзьями

Glinnikov and Asmus could not remain friends // Photos: Anne SALYNSKY /
“Once, during a break, the actors went in all directions. And now the “intermission” was over, they returned, and they are not – shares with “StarHitom” Victoria Andreeva, tehrabotnik on site. – I went to look for them. I went into one of the rooms, and they lie on the couch and kissing. I immediately closed the door. Ilya caught up with me and asked not to tell anyone. A little later, the crew began to notice how it will correct the hair to Christina, then massage the shoulders. They are often in the morning and come together. “

Feofilaktova spoke about the numerous infidelities Guseva

The star of “House-2” openly talked about problems with her ex-husband. By Eugenia she said she really wanted to keep the family together, but could not accept the fact that her husband started an affair on the side.

Евгения Феофилактова

Eugene Feofilaktova // Photo: “Instagram”

Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev said the divorce about a month ago. As the couple admitted they have not lived together for about two months. Jack argues that moved with her son Daniel in the other place as early as mid-September. According to her, Anton’s love affair with Victoria Romanet – is not the only case of infidelity by her ex-husband. Feofilaktova assumes that the husband began to look on the side of the emotions that could not get in the home, much earlier. Anton Gusev divorces Eugenia Feofilaktova because Victoria Romanets

“Is my husband cheating – it’s not chaos? Of course, I am not caught Anton’s hand, I can not say one hundred percent, but it is likely that the husband began dating Romanets being married. Moreover, perhaps she had not first. I can say that my guilt is not here, I lived family, and Anton apparently wanted something else. Most importantly, then he has not regretted that exchanged marital happiness on a passing fancy, “- said Eugene.

According to the ex-participant of the reality show, she did not hold a grudge against a former spouse and wishes him a happy new darling. Nevertheless, it’s frustrating, because of the relationship with Victoria Romanets Anton became rarer to see his son. In the words of the woman, the Pope visited by only once a week to Daniel. “I was a bit jarred, I did not keep the family together for the sake of the child”, – says Eugene, but noted that she could not forgive her husband.

By the way, otherwise Gusev is the current situation. According to Anton, Eugene forbids him to see his son. Recently, my father was not allowed to be present at the birth of the heir to the bottom, and opposed to, he took Daniel to the second children’s party. Anton Gusev’s wife: “Jack, why did you deprive my son?”

However Feofilaktova not despair. Jack thinks that she would meet a man with whom will be able to find happiness in the future. However, until that Eugene has no plans to meet with the men, though her caring wealthy admirer. “I’m not going to rush into a new relationship, and spend all of their time and the education of his son,” – said in an interview with Eugene “Dom-2.”