Friends granddaughter Platon Lebedev

Journalists report that the children of rich parents staged a race in Switzerland. One of the participants of the competition was the granddaughter Diana Platon Lebedev. 19-year-old girl died in a car crash along with his companion.

Диана Лебедева

Diana Lebedeva // Photo: “Instagram”

The media reported that the 19-year-old granddaughter, Platon Lebedev Diana died in a car crash. The tragedy took place in Switzerland on the way from Lugano to Geneva. According to journalists, the car in which there was Lebedev, fell from the bridge. The bodies found at the bottom of the lake. Satellite Diana, 23-year-old young man, also died. It is known that he was in the car.

Journalists reported that the cause of death Lebedeva and her friend began to race, who organized the young people on the Swiss highway. The car in which there were Diana and her friend, flew off the road and broke through the barrier. Mangled car was raised from the bottom of Lake Lugano with a crane and several rescue ships.

Later it became clear that, together with Diana in the race was Azer Yagubov, Swiss college student Franklin. According to some publications, he is the nephew Subhi Shikhlinski – Head of the State Legal Department of the Government Department.

Friends and Diana leave comments to the posts of women, in which mourning of her death. Last published in the microblogging Lebedeva was made one week ago in Zurich. “Girl ours, rest in peace,” “the kingdom of heaven, angel,” “Sleep tight”, “Earth you down, honey,” “Like yesterday, I remember the days when you saw,” “I do not believe that you no longer have to light. Diane, you’re in my memory forever remain of the ten-year girl, which I first saw you on the veranda, “” simply impossible to believe. She was my classmate. I look at your photos, and you as a living “,” Very sorry. This luxurious, beautiful and young “- subscribers girls write.

We recall that seven years ago in Switzerland also organized illegal races that have troubled the entire local population. Their participants were “majors” from Russia, who included the heirs of the oligarch Telman Ismailov. As a result, young people of the competition there was a major accident, which injured 70-year-old pensioner. Then the elderly man was taken to the intensive care unit in serious condition.

Platon Lebedev – a businessman, a former chairman of the “Menatep” and involved in the case of Yukos. He was arrested in 2003 together with Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Lebedev served ten and a half years in a penal colony. The man was charged with tax evasion, theft of oil and the legalization of illegally obtained funds. In 2014, the defendant was released, and a year earlier had been pardoned Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

In the first case of Yukos court imposed Lebedev’s debt of 17 billion rubles. According to journalists, the businessman is the beneficiary of several trust funds. In 2016, Lebedev re-entered the list of 200 richest Russians, along with his former colleague Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Finalist of the “Battle of psychics,” Tatyana Larina decided on IVF

Renowned psychic wants to have a baby. Tatiana Larina has a son from his first marriage. Now she has found a happy family life with Julius Mitkevich-Daleckii and is now ready to become a mother for the second time.

Татьяна Ларина

Tatiana Larina // Photo: Press office

The star of the 15th season of the popular project “Battle of psychics,” Tatyana Larina in the final program has received a marriage proposal from her beloved Julia Mitkevich-Daletskii. They discussed all unequal marriage. Many were surprised that the stunning beauty suddenly marries a young clairvoyant, who is younger than her twenty-plus years. For several years, Tatyana Larina and Julius Mitkevich-Daletskii argued that their relationship is based on love and respect vzyaimnoy.

Tatiana has a son from his first marriage, which her new husband was able to immediately find a common language. Despite the seeming idyll, Larin looks pretty intense – late for work, monitors the accounts, arguing with colleagues, and runs on doctors. Tatiana is preparing to conceive a second child via IVF. She desperately wants to give birth to an heir to her husband, as any reminder of the child leads her to a nervous breakdown, screaming, scandals.

Julius believes that the future child in their family is special and does not hide his pride.

“This is the child foretold special destiny, it is sure to be a girl, a strong witch. Kid is important not only for us but for the history of the world “, – says Mitkevich-Daletskii without embarrassment.
Татьяна и Юлий уверены, что их будущий ребенок важен для мировой истории

Tatiana and Julius are confident that their future child is important for the history of the world // Photo: Press office

In certain circles Larin is famous as one of the best magicians in St. Petersburg. Psychic abilities, she began to develop a relatively new, but already managed to achieve fantastic results and gained credibility with customers. Receptions it painted for several months in advance, and help turn people from different countries. However, not so long ago, she admitted that she was experiencing some financial difficulties. From luxury townhouses Larin, along with her husband moved to a safe place.

Finalist of the “Battle of the Psychics” Tatyana Larina: “We are on the verge of bankruptcy favorite”

Also, a psychic known as a talented singer and vocal coach. Among her charges was a famous singer Stas Kostyushkin, who was grateful for her music lessons. Spring woman even wanted to try your hand at the popular music TV show.

У Татьяны есть сын от первого брака

Tatiana has a son from his first marriage // Photo: Press office

The next series of the program “Diary of a psychic c Tatiana Larina” will be released on Friday at 18:00 on television channel TV3.

Kelly Clarkson glad that no longer able to have children

The singer and her husband decided it was not going to increasingly become parents. Kelly and her husband made their respective operations. In a recent interview, Clarkson said, prompting her to take this step.

Келли Кларксон

Kelly Clarkson // Photos: Social Networking

34-year-old singer Kelly Clarkson has told journalists that he was not going to have children anymore and she is very pleased with this circumstance. According to the celebrity, previous pregnancy had exhausted her. Therefore, the singer doubted that such a test stand again. Clarkson also reported that he had never felt worse than at the time of the child’s expectations. In connection with etii Kelly tied fallopian tubes, as well as her husband forced to undergo sterilization.

“I am very glad that I can no longer have children. I have beautiful children, but I can not anymore. I am very hard to tolerate pregnancy, she suffered from constant nausea and landed in the hospital with dehydration. Undoubtedly, the efforts were worth the result – now I am a mother of two amazing children. I gave birth to them and decided to close for himself the subject of pregnancy forever. Well, I have a husband who supports me, “- said the actress.

By the way, a few months ago, Clarkson became a mother for the second time. In April this year, the singer gave birth to a son. “Our little boy was born … He is completely healthy, and we are crazy about happiness and love,” – he shared his star in the “Twitter”.

Recall that Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock got married in 2013. Wedding singer was held in a beautiful hotel in the countryside. The event was attended only by family and friends lovers. Celebrity hide ceremony date from fans and journalists, but after some time shared in social networks, pictures taken on that memorable day.

Prior to marry her boyfriend, Kelly met with him for about two years. Young people met at the American Country Music Awards ceremony. About the beloved singer knows that he works in the music industry.

Note that Kelly Clarkson and her husband are raising four children. Two of them were born during his first marriage chosen celebrity. In 2014, the artist gave his wife a charming girl, called River, and two years later she gave birth to her son Alexander Remingstona.

Dmitry Shepelev in “Let Them Talk”: the first interview on television

Dmitry Shepelev talked frankly about his personal drama. In the broadcast transmission Dmitry told about how he wrote a book on the history of courageous struggle with cancer Jeanne Friske. Shepelev’m sure it will be an example to anyone who was in a similar situation and is suffering from this deadly disease.

Дмитрий Шепелев в программе «Пусть говорят»

Dmitry Shepelev in the program “Let them talk,” // Photo Frame program

Shepeleva product will be on sale on 24 November. Lead is confident that his book will help many people who suffer from the disease that has left the life of his common-law wife. Share on television about what was their love story, how he manages to live after leaving Jeanne and how growing their little son, ventured first Shepelev. The studio program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk,” the man began to talk about the personal tragedy that he had to endure. Book Dmitry Shepelev “Jeanne”. The first passages

Once in the guest chair, Dmitry Shepelev Andrey Malakhov greeted warmly and prepared to answer questions that are about one and a half years concern to the public.


“It’s really been very difficult years of my life – began his story broadcaster, remembering a time when Jeanne was still alive, but sick. – Especially the last year and a half after it was not Joan. Now, of course, I feel much better. Everything seems to start very slow, but to fall into place. “

Reflecting on the trials that have befallen his family, Shepelev stressed that asked myself many questions, the answers to which no one can find. The man convinced that he and Joan had only to accept the situation and start fighting.

“You know, of course, I ask myself,” what “and” why “- President said. – Exactly the same questions that are asked by all cancer patients when it comes to the matter. And it is obvious that these questions had no answers there. You can not answer why. We can not answer for that. Why is your beautiful wife is terminally ill. Why did this happen exactly when you just born baby. No answer to this question, unfortunately. Or perhaps fortunately. “

Malakhov said, who currently supports Dmitry and is always close to him and Plato. Shepelev convinced that if he did not continue to work, things might have gone very differently.

“Who really supported me all this time, it is, of course, my job. First of all my work, – he said. – Because only work allowed me to somehow escape from the thoughts swirling in my head. You wake up with them at night, you fall asleep with them, and you live with them every day. Only work can distract. Only work – life preserver. But the main thing, of course, son. Of course, Plato. This is the most important person to me now. “
Маленький Платон растет копией мамы

Small increases Plato copy moms // Photo Frame program

Thanks to Plato, as the civilian spouse is an artist, he has managed to stay afloat and “Shrugged”.

“You see, when the kid next to you, and you in the long run with him one-on-one, you have no reason to pour himself a glass of wine once, you do not have the right to cry, you have no rights to the depression, you can not go anywhere. Allow yourself to relax, to give up on everything by hand. Go on a journey … Because you have a child. Because you’re my father. And you can not do anything that would have dropped the your credibility in the eyes of the child. So of course, I was saved by Plato “, – said the man.

Young father decided to show how to pass them with Plato normal day. Shepelev allowed the film crew, “Let Them Talk” to spend with the baby for several hours. So, early in the morning, father and son out of the house and headed for the car. Sitting in the car, a small Plato seatbelt. On the way, Dmitry asked the boy what he would like to eat for breakfast. He answered that he did not refuse would be from omelets and pizza with ham, to which his father replied, “You do not eat as much. Give something one – or a pizza, or omelets. Pizza for breakfast is not very good. “ – “I’m an omelet” – the kid said.

“In Plato’s great sense of humor. He knows how to amuse me. And I can laugh it. That is, we know how to lift each other up. it is very valuable for me. Therefore, we have a very easy relationship of trust. “

По словам Шепелева, у их с Жанной сына отличное чувство юмора

According Shepeleva, among them Jeanne’s son a great sense of humor // Photo Frame program

Previously, TV presenter said that Plato is growing very developed, active and smart. By the way, the kid is already perfect believes and knows all the letters of the alphabet. When the institution where the father and son having breakfast, the waiter brought a dish with a plate written in the name of the boy, he was able to read the first time, “Plato”.

“He has a pretty busy schedule, I think. Certainly in my childhood it was all a bit different. I was limited to a section of tennis and all. Plato and a half years goes to an English school. For me it is important that he is used to the English language from a young polish. This year, he appeared additional classes. Plato is engaged in gymnastics. And the more valuable and filled our weekend stay when we can slowly together to go to the pool, have breakfast alone spend time at our favorite cafe. This is the happiest, warmest days for me. “

Малыш уже знает буквы алфавита

The kid already knows the letters of the alphabet // Photo Frame program

According to the stories Shepeleva them with Jeanne Friske son is making great strides in the gymnastics classes. TV presenter said that the boy is growing very strong, and, as compared with peers, healthy physically prepared.

“He would just overcome shyness, and everything will be fine, – Dmitri says. – He is cool. I think he might even be able to engage in professional sports. Six months later, it’s time to think about it. “

Shepelev believes that everything is happening at the moment Plato very much. If the father sees that he gets tired, allows truancy. “I let him romp with great pleasure shalyu with him”, – he admitted leading.

Платон занимается гимнастикой

Plato is engaged in gymnastics // Photo Frame program

– We just saw Jeanne in the body of the child … – said Andrey Malakhov.

– It’s true. I must say that exceptionally proud of him, – said Dmitry. – I never thought I’d feel that way here in the role of father. It is so calm, so gentle, so balanced and so smart, intelligent child, which probably can only dream of. This is quite an outstanding child, in my opinion. All parents praise their children … But I remain convinced that this is yet another reminder of Joan … Because I see it it. I can see in his fingers, in his eyes, in the way he talks …

Andrei Malakhov recalled an episode that ran in his memory, and now the thought of it in his eyes welling with tears – a chance meeting presenter of the program “Let them talk” with Dmitry and young Plato at the airport, when the father of the child carried away by the sea.

“You were completely dried out, you stayed on one skeleton – says Malakhov. – And a happy Plato, who, of course, that still does not suspect anything, in your lap, and the day comes to information that was not Joan. This scene is always before my eyes. My question is … I’m sorry I asked. But those last moments, when you are left alone with Jeanne … How did you feel that you have to disappear? “

It was obvious how hard Shepelevu given the answer to this question. Lost in thought, the man did some pause to gather strength to remember how it was and try to say it.

“It is very hard to talk about it – started Dmitry. – The day when … Doctors do not give up hope. Of course, none of them said that it will happen in a week or two, tomorrow or in a month. It is the unknown. All of a disease when it deadly, it is always the unknown. You never know what will happen tomorrow. You have to live only in the afternoon, and we have lived. “

Shepelev recalled that when he and Joan returned from the United States, in February 2015 year, the singer has just handed in her eyes. According to the broadcaster, it changes every day, and even then the doctors were convinced that a miracle will happen.

“Plato lived in the house with her, and I every morning and every evening spent with her. In the afternoon I went to work – continued Dmitry. – And one night, when we were able to be alone with her, suddenly Jeanne, which is almost all the time was unconscious, brightened. We’ve always been very comfortable with and we could not talk. We are keenly aware of each other always. Frankly, she had had no power at all to speak … She said, “I’m dying.” And it was our farewell. Four months before her death. “

Shepelev said that he lived with the rest of the time and did not tell anyone about this. For a long time the master criticized the fact that he took his son to the sea, while his beloved woman and mother of his child was dying. Many people found it outrageous act Shepeleva, who did not want to stay next to Jeanne in the last days of her life. Recalling this, the man insists that his aim was primarily to protect the child from severe emotional distress.

“It is not my fault that my mother was ill. Should he see his mother’s death? Should he see the tragedy in the eyes of the parents of Jeanne, my? Should he see my tears? Who can answer this question? We did not plan for the future life. I know the main thing: the child must be the childhood, the child must be summer. No one knew when it last farewell day. We have been told, long planned, and even a month before the tickets were purchased to the boy could go to sea. “

The narrative of the TV presenter and then interrupted, because, apparently, it would be hard to say. Man recalls the day before the departure of Joan and her son went to her room to say goodbye. “He loved to crawl on her bed, not hiding emotion said Dmitry. – Crawl on her, kissed her on the leg, arm and ran away. We were alone. Jeanne on his finger was a device that monitors the heart rate, breathing, it is some figures. When these figures are moving, it seems as if she is talking to you, responds to your words. I told her that her son should take to the sea and be back in a few days. I look at these figures, I want to hear her answer … And they did not move. We flew. “

The next day, the heart of Jeanne Friske has stopped. This happened in her parents’ house, in the country where the last few months the family was. Upon learning of the death of the woman he loved, Shepelev tried to fly back, but he was able to do it immediately, because it was difficult to get tickets in high season. The little son of Joan and then Dmitry Shepelev stayed with his father, who urgently flew to Bulgaria.

Andrei Malakhov also remembered Shepeleva book fragment, in which he talks about how he learned of the death of Joan. This news, as the man, told him Natasha Friske, the sister of the singer. In his work “Jeanne” Dmitri said, he received a sms with the words “Dana did not.” Sister actress, being in a state of shock, wrong letter when sending a message. This episode, according to the master program “Property of the Republic”, he dreamed over and over again. Asked if comes to him in a dream herself Jeanne, Dmitry said that this does not happen. “The only way for me to see Jeanne again – this hug her son,” – he said.

The studio program “Let them talk,” we are talking also about the missing millions that remained in the account of Jeanne Friske. These funds were raised all over the country for a few days, when the public became aware of her illness. Andrei Malakhov read an excerpt from the work of Dmitry Shepeleva, which said that a few days before the death of the singer’s money from the account disappeared. To dispose of them, according to Dmitry, could only Jeanne and her mother.

Leading “Let them talk” in conversation with Shepelev could not ignore the topic of communication young Plato with his grandparents. To everyone’s surprise, those who are over eighteen empathized family artist, who was unable to meet with his grandson, Dmitry said: “There has never been any restrictions on communication and grandparents with grandson. I understand that Joan’s parents have a piece of it, and they are close to Plato. Of course, I will be very happy if, after our conversation, you will hear a call, and Jeanne’s parents want to see her grandson. While this desire was not there. “

TV presenter emphasized that respect for the family of the woman he loves, but can not let them desecrate the memory of Jeanne, which, in his opinion, they do. This Shepelev said that in his own way sympathizes with them.

“I really would like to say that none of us has not been in place the parents of Jeanne. I can only imagine what monstrous pain experienced by these people. So neither I, no one else can not blame them. Everyone experiences pain differently. I can only imagine the pain experienced parents of Jeanne. I can only guess, I sympathize with them, “- said Shepelev.
Шепелев утверждает, что родители Жанны за эти полтора года не изъявили желания видеть внука

Shepelev claims that Joan’s parents over the year and a half have not expressed a desire to see his grandson // Photo Frame program

In an interview with Andrey Malakhov Shepelev he recalled the period when Joan was much better. After treatment, the US passed the family went to Jurmala, where the singer was restored. Now about this period Dmitry recalls with a smile. He says it was a wonderful time when hope for the best was still.

“This is a very happy, and touching, and very painful episode. First and foremost, of course, he is happy. We talked a lot about how we want to get married, but always as a joke. We had nothing planned. It was a bright summer, when Jeanne vosprjala. She refused the wheelchair. She began again to look after themselves, flourished and started to become that Jeanne, whom everyone knew and that I love so much. “

According Shepeleva, the wedding they just joked law wife. But when the tablet lead began to appear randomly pictures of wedding dresses and rings, as his unit was synchronized with the phone Joan, he realized that we should not procrastinate. Pre-order in the US rings, Dmitry was fully committed to take this step.

“It was a day of Joan’s birth. I thought it was the best day and the best opportunity to make her an offer. I went into her bedroom, got up on one knee, said a few words and hesitated … We laughed and I asked: “You can start again,” I repeated the same things, and she replied: “I should think.” Then she wrote to me, “Yes.”

// Photo Frame program

Leafing through the pages of the book Dmitry Shepelev Andrey Malakhov is stopped at the scene, which was very symbolic for them Jeanne. It was on that night, when they found out about her illness.

Leafing through the pages of the book Dmitry Shepelev Andrey Malakhov is stopped at the scene, which was very symbolic for them Jeanne. It was on that night, when they learned of Jeanne’s illness. “I went outside and saw a lizard. The hospital was located in the suburbs. On a huge vacant lot, flooded with asphalt, there were so many. One of these lizards, it seemed to me, paused and stopped me your opinion. It may seem silly, but Joan was such a small tattoo with these animals. I came in and said that while she was in the process, I almost fell in love with the lizard. Joan said, “She’s not your type.” We laughed a lot. “

Milan and Alexander Kerzhakov become sponsors of the Hermitage

Russian footballer and his wife took a new height. More recently, their foundation is working with one of the most famous museums in the country. The agreement was signed a few days ago in the cultural capital.

Александр Кержаков с супругой Миланой

Alexander Kerzhakov and his wife Milana // Photo: “Instagram”

Eighteen months ago, the main Russian striker Alexander Kerzhakov and his wife founded the Milan Kerzhakov “Stars for Children” charity fund, which in a short time has been able to help more than 600 needy and take 200 children in care. As part of the auction was able to collect 28 million rubles, which went to help ward organization.

Now their charity fund takes a new height – this afternoon at the Hermitage Theater the signing of a protocol of intent, which was attended by General Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky and the director general of the fund “Star Children” Milan Kerzhakov.

After the ceremonial signing of Milan noted that today represents the interests of not only themselves, but also her husband, who for valid reasons could not come to the Hermitage.

“For half a year we have been able to do much, but I am confident that this protocol will become a new milestone in our development. I am grateful to Mikhail Khodorkovsky for this and hope that our cooperation will be fruitful and the most effective “- admitted Milan Kerzhakov.
Милана Кержакова стремительно ворвалась в благотворительность и уже успела сделать много добрых дел

Kerzhakov Milan swiftly broke into the charity and has already managed to do a lot of good deeds // Photo: Mikhail Sadchikov Jr.

It should be noted that under the agreement the parties will now be prepared by a three-year program of cooperation between the museum and the fund for the implementation of children’s educational programs. In addition, the “Star Children” Foundation posodeystvuet improve the technical equipment of the State Hermitage School Center.

“Technical equipment – this is only the first step, and we hope that we will be able to realize a lot more joint projects”, – added Kerzhakov.

“StarHitu” as it became known that in early December, will be held a Christmas charity auction Foundation “Star Children”. This time, the organizers hope to beat last year’s record his (then managed to gather as many as 12 million rubles!), The benefit of the fund development program includes a number of important aspects that they are going to implement in the next year.

Милана Кержакова, Наталья Тюльпанова и Михаил Пиотровский

Kerzhakov Milan, Natalia and Mikhail Piotrovsky Tyulpanov // Photo: Mikhail Sadchikov Jr.