Kalashnikova son was born not from Chaliapin

Wedding popular singer and his chosen one on the verge of collapse. The shooting of the program “Let Them Talk” became known results of a DNA paternity test stars. It turned out that the child of Anna Daniel was not a native son Prochorus.

Прохор Шаляпин и Анна КалашниковаProkhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikov // Photo: “Instagram”

Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikov brought up with his son Daniel. Recently, they are a good company celebrated the first birthday boy. It would seem that no problems in their relationship there. But the singer has repeatedly tormented by doubt, that this is not his child, so he decided to take a paternity test.

Anna Kalashnikova about canceling the wedding: “We started with Prokhorov scandals”

The shooting of the program “Let Them Talk”, which is now expected at 19:50 on Channel One, were announced the results of this examination. Recall that the child Kalashnikova born more than a year ago. According to the lawyer Prochor Maya Sandler, Anna then refused to Prokhorov takes her from the hospital, referring to the fact that it is not in the best shape. It is very close to the singer alerted. In addition, the certificate of birth of a boy is in the “middle name” the name of Pope Kalashnikova.

Prokhor Chaliapin: “No wedding will be”

Maya Sandler also reported that, according to DNA tests, it is possible paternity. According to the half-sister of Chaliapin, two more people can be potential popes Daniel.

Anna Kalashnikov is not recognized in connection with other men

After the news of the upcoming wedding Chaliapin Kalashnikova and can not take place. Young people have already managed to rehearse the wedding ceremony and take part in glamorous photo shoot. The bride chose a gorgeous dress with a train and even showed it to his fans in the social network. Chaliapin had earlier told reporters that he would meet his wife about the registrar on a white horse, because she wants to be in that day a princess. Initially, they planned to sign in April, but they had to postpone the grand event of the death of Anna’s grandmother.

Прохор Шаляпин и Анна Калашникова с сыном

Prokhor Chaliapin and Anna Kalashnikov and son // Photo: “Instagram”

“On the one hand, I feel some feelings for Anna. But I do not want to marry a woman who lied to me! Please give me some time, so I could comprehend what had happened, “- he said to the public. In turn, the bride Anna singer Prokhor just concluded in his arms and said that all these results – not true and real forgery.

Earlier in the program, “Live” Chaliapin said that he is ready to pass a DNA test because he had doubts whether his own son Daniel. Then the ex-spouse Prochor Kopenkina Larisa, whom he divorced in early 2015, said that everything has been a long time talking about the fact that the child does not Kalashnikova from the singer.

“If Prokhorov is now still marry this girl, it would in any case need to adopt a child”, – said the lawyer star Sandler.

Some time ago, friends told Kalashnikova “StarHitu” that Daniel’s real father is Armenian oligarch. According to Anna environment during her studies by correspondence at the national University of the Arts, she began a relationship with one of the employees of the university Armen. Friends said that it fully meets the beloved girl rented an apartment in a luxury house on Khoroshevskoye highway, he has presented an expensive car, helped to open showrooms in Moscow. All friends Kalashnikova of the opinion that he might be the father of the little Daniel. Friends told by someone actually pregnant bride Prokhor Chaliapin


Прохор Шаляпин должен все осмыслить

Alla Pugacheva is preparing a new show with his son and daughter

Children actress involved in the recording of her concert. According to the sound producer Diva, a three-year, Harry and Lisa often run into the studio, where their mother works on the songs that will present to the public in early 2017.


На прошлой неделе Алла Борисовна произвела фурор, появившись на показе коллекции Валентина Юдашкина

At Alla last week created a furor by appearing on the show Valentin Yudashkin collection // Photo: Persona Stars

The news of the grand return of Diva on the scene did not leave anybody indifferent. A few weeks ago, “StarHit” first reported that 67-year-old star has started to prepare for the solo concert in Moscow and is thinking about touring the country. In recent months, it has acquired from various authors and composers over a dozen new songs. And the prime minister of one of them – “Do not call” – has already taken place in the last week. “StarHit” figured out why almost all the rehearsals Alla held in the castle, which they take part in her children Harry and Lisa, as well as allowing you to quickly lead singer’s voice in shape before each recording in the studio.

New hit Alla Pugacheva became the most discussed on the Web

Максим разучивает с сыном Гарри детские песенки

Maxim is learning with his son Harry nursery rhymes // Photo: “Instagram”

All inclusive

For many years he cooperates with the sound producer Pugachev Anatoliy Lopatin, who is a music studio and born arrange all her hits. This time, it did not change their preferences – recently singer and sound engineer met and discussed the plan for the near future.

“Alla actively preparing, rehearsing new songs, – he shared with” StarHitom “Anatoliy Lopatin. – Sometimes it is arriving to me, but most of all – I am to her home, so as not to tire the artist of road, which sometimes takes five hours, including sitting in traffic jams. The castle has a portable recording studio with everything you need. Also, there has long built a scene where I’m equipped Alla place to record. At rehearsals and creating arrangements we always live musicians, mostly session, pick up different for each composition. In the near future we are planning to meet often – several times a week, a lot of work. When there is a need to prescribe some complicated technical stuff, go home with me – there is new equipment. “

Анатолий Лопатин

Anatoly Lopatin // Photo: “Instagram”

No special secrets of how to quickly lead voice in shape in no Diva – it uses the old-fashioned way for years. “Before every rehearsal Alla conducts breathing exercises – continues Lopatin. – It helps to quickly warm up the throat and ligaments. With her voice all right. It happens that we’ve been discussing how best to sing this or that passage, at what rate – the normal workflow. “

Often they appear at the rehearsal and children Alla and Maxim Galkin – 3-year-old Harry and Lisa. “It is particularly interested in the process of my daughter, – says Anatoly. – Constantly he runs into the room begins to dance to the tune, even trying to sing along. Very musical girl! While talking about how to involve children in the upcoming concert, no. But, of course, in the future, when Harry and Lisa are older, Alla does not exclude the possibility that they will continue the dynasty. “

Трехлетняя Лиза уже вовсю проявляет музыкальные способности

Trehletnyaya Lisa already hard at showing musical ability // Photo: “Instagram”

Development of scenery for a future concert Pugacheva promised to entrust favorite set designer – Boris Krasnov. “I called up with Alla Borisovna couple of weeks ago – shared with Boris Abramovich” StarHitom “. – Asked what the show she is preparing in the near future. She said that while the decorations are not necessary, but at the beginning of next year, she will turn to me for help.

Борис Краснов

Boris Krasnov // Photo: “Instagram”

Musical ring

Diva is not only engaged in a solo program, but also plans to participate in the teams musical concerts. The other day she confirmed appearance at the international festival “HEAT”, which will be held in Baku in July of 2017. In addition, Pugachev continues to take an active part in the fate of the inmates of his studio pop art “Recital”.

“She comes every week – told” StarHitu “in school. – Go to lessons, watching rehearsals, tells you how to sing better advises how to move and behave on stage, helps children to choose songs for annual concerts. “

Михаил Гребенщиков

Mikhail Grebenshchikov // Photo: “Instagram”

Soon, the school is scheduled to hold another audition to recruit a new group of talented guys. Also in the near future the singer is preparing to expand the creative studio and hire a second building in the center of Moscow.

“Most likely, it will be located in Tver region – shared with” StarHitom “music teacher Michael Grebenshchikov studio. – But is considering several options – try to make more children could do to us. And the prices are going to do training more accessible. Of course, over the three years of our wards we have learned a lot and I think that necessarily take part in the future of a large concert Alla in the capital. “

The son of Isa Anokhina conquers the fashion world

Heir celebrities took part in the first photo shoot. Star mother boasted success of Sam, laying out his picture in the microblogging. Fans enthusiastically embraced stylish frame Anokhina and praise the child.


Айза Долматова с сыном Сэми

Isa and his son Sami Dolmatova // Photo: “Instagram”

Designer and blogger Isa Anokhina enjoys success eldest son of Sam, born in a marriage with rapper Gufom. A six year old heir, like his famous mother is already interested in fashion. The child appeared in her first photo shoot as a model. Anokhina spoke about achieving the boy in his microblog, laying out a professional frame with his son.

Pictured Sam dressed in a camouflage suit and knitted socks with stars. Subscribers Isa said that he was very handsome, and very like his father. “It will be then break hearts, handsome,” “The Little Prince”, “What is he beautiful,” “How lovely,” “Smile Gufan”, “charming”, “adult do this”, “growing by the hour and by the minute “- wrote followers Isa.

Anokhin told that her eldest son was anxious to hurry brother was born. When the second baby was born blogger, Sam, one of the first to see the baby, and even picked him up a few days later. According to the mother of two children, she and her husband rely on his older brother to keep young. The boys sleep together, watch movies and cartoons. Isa shared emotions in one of the posts.

“Most of all waiting for the appearance of the man’s brother. More reverent attitude I have not seen, and to himself, and Elvis. The elder brother has proved yesterday! I was nervous, did not sleep and did not eat at all yesterday, waiting for my call and very worried! I am a happy woman! I’ve got the whole world! And it’s all in the eyes of these two men. Sami and Elvis “- wrote in microblogging Anokhina.

The designer is engaged in the development of its brands and supervises the work of an online store, through which it sells clothes. At the moment, the mother of two children trying to restore the figure after giving birth to re-shoot as a model in advertising projects. As noted by its subscribers, Isa looks very good after pregnancy. “How fast can you restore,” “Just class”, “No extensions, no belly”, “Ah, you even give birth? Umnichka pride for these women, “- wrote followers.

Singer Zara about the second marriage: “We have failed”

The actress spoke about relations with Sergei Ivanov. Zara announced the divorce with my husband this summer. In the program “Alone with all” holding back tears, the singer talked about living together with their spouse.


Зара сообщила о разводе с мужем летом этого года

Zara announced the divorce with my husband this summer // Photo: “Instagram”

Singer Zara was a guest of the program “Alone with all”. On Air Artist remembered about the relationship with her first and second husbands. Talking about marriage with Sergei Ivanov, the actress was very difficult, because they divorced about three months ago. Holding back tears, Zara told how evolved their family life.

According to the star said that at first their relationship was very romantic. “After the divorce, my friend Victoria tried, so I do not sit at home. We went to a mutual friend, an event where I met with Sergei, “- says Zara. A few weeks later she went to the project “Factory of stars”.

On Saturdays Sergey I visited Zara, since the day of the week she visited in “Ostankino”. Gradually he developed a novel and then a man made a proposal to the singer. However, family life has become a serious challenge to their senses. According to the artist, Sergei was strict with her.

“I want you to bring up,” – said the husband. “Sergei, but I like educated people,” – he replied. Maybe for themselves somehow I adjust. If you are an artist, you are obliged to look good, you have to be in shape, you have to take care of their appearance. I tried to be around A student “, – told the Star.

Zara tried to succeed in a career and be a good wife. According to the star said that she could not relax, always had to be strong. Nevertheless, despite the woman’s attempts to save the marriage with Ivanov, they divorced. Singer Zara openly talked about divorce with her husband

The singer admits that after the divorce, their relationship with Sergei become better than they were married. They communicate, play sons into sections. The artist can even sometimes for something to complain about the ex-spouse. However, memories of family life until the cause of the singer tears. “I had to come to you later, when all will live”, – said the guest of the program.

Zara told that her sons are very fond of. Senior, six Maxim, has rarely show affection, because they do not like to be hugged often. According to the singer, the boy very much, when she made up so stellar mom always tries to appear before him “at the parade.” “Junior Danka love me any,” – the star confessed.

Foreign media are discussing the future of the baby name Kate Middleton

According to reports, the girl will be called in honor of Princess Diana. British tabloids reported that Kate Middleton is pregnant. Despite these details, the royal family is left without comment the rumors.


Кейт Миддлтон

Kate Middleton // Photo: Splash News

Another wave of rumors about the supposed pregnancy rose Kate Middleton. British media, citing a source close to the royal family, does discuss this news. Moreover, they say, even some of the details about the future of the baby.

“The palace is buzzing just discussing it, everyone knows that it’s a girl,” – said the source.

Although it is not known for sure whether the information appeared in the royal family soon to be born baby, as the baby will be called. According to the source, the girl called Diana in honor of the deceased Prince William’s mother. “This is the best way to show their respect,” – said in the press.

These rumors were made and sister Kate – Pippa. In the near future she is going to marry her millionaire lover James Matthews. As reported, the scope of the forthcoming celebrations would overshadow the wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge. As a gift, he gave her an expensive ring. According to experts, despite the vintage design, decoration Pippa recently made to order, worth more than 200 thousand pounds, and in all respects superior to Ceylon Sapphire Princess Diana, Prince William who gave Katherine. But now, according to press reports, Pippa worries that the birth of the third child Kate could outshine her wedding. That is why the Duchess’s sister even thought about how to move the celebration.

“Pippa terribly nervous that all the attention and this time get Kate” – quoted Star magazine source.

Despite the hype, the royal family has remained silent and did not comment on rumors about the pregnancy of Kate. I must say that the interesting position of Prince William’s wife is credited regularly. Sometimes the royal family denies false information, and sometimes even completely leave such conversations without attention.