What do we know about the mysterious Swami Dashi

One of the most mysterious of the program “Battle psychics” channel TNT lived for several years in India. This completely changed his attitude. His task, he was to help people. “StarHit” learned more about Swami Dashi.

At the end of the third edition of “Battle of psychics,” the jury determined the favorite and a participant who left the project. Because it has left 20-year-old witch from Krasnodar Margarita Bakhtiyarova. As for the winner of this series, they became mysterious mystic Swami Dashi. Apparently, he had a premonition that it will allocate it. Asked Marat Basharova about whose name is in a white envelope, Dasha said that it is a middle-aged man, handsome as the “Rolls Royce”. “StarHit” was a portrait of a favorite program that already from the first series has impressed viewers and became one of the popular favorites.

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Swami Dashi life to the project

About age and family Swami Dasha very little is known. According to the TV channel TNT, Dasha have four children and wife of a mystic much younger than him. In one test, he mentioned that his eldest son, 34 years old, and the youngest six years. For more information about himself, he prefers not to advertise. However, as well as other details of his life, as he admitted in a group in the “Facebook”. There is talk that he was born in St. Petersburg, but no one can say whether it’s true or not.

“I live quite a closed life, very few people around me, and then this flurry of letters, confessions. Pity my ego, please. This is all very nice, but also very unusual, even bizarre. Well, a new experience, maybe it’s time to start enjoying the benefits of civilization “, – Dasha shared with their fans.

After the first series of “Battle of psychics,” Swami literally inundated with reviews and comments on the Internet, a host of fake web accounts psychic trying to cash in on his behalf. It is worth noting that distinguish scams from Dashi simple enough – he repeatedly wrote that does not carry out remote consultations, preferring to face meetings to communicate on the web. Dasha, apparently, is not accustomed to such a wave of popularity, he was well-known in narrow circles of leading meditation and body-oriented practices.

As for creature comforts mentioned by the psychic, it is not a joke. For a long time man has lived in India for nearly 20 years of his life he spent in the study of Eastern and Western practices. Swami Dasha – not real psychic’s name, but he believes that it reflects its essence. Swami – this is a title that is often used in Hinduism, the word refers to a person, liberated from the senses. In another way, it is a monk who left his worldly desires to serve others.

Scientist who has devoted decades to the psychic, completely changed his attitude. By his own admission, he had a new look at the world and started living heart. Dasha’s mission, he says – to help people to become better and to find themselves. To this end, Swami holds various events dedicated to the development of man’s inner world and the control body.

In its work, Dasha uses techniques such as massage, meditation and yoga skills, as well as bodily ripple Osho. He says that people reads like a book, and can even manage it. Online Meditation Center Swami and his group on the social networks is emphasized that he was not involved in any of the types of magic. “Swami Dashi – a spiritual practice with many years of experience, and his methods are not based on popular magic or other other customary audience” Battle of psychics, “rites or rituals. It works on its own methodology, based on their integrated energy practices existing in the world for thousands of years. Corruption, sentences, dissuasion, divination, erasing karma and other questionable “miracles” he did not practice, because it is contrary to his philosophy and in his opinion, does not bear good people “, – reported the administrators Dashi community. They also warn that the psychic is not inclined to predict events in the future, or guess what happened in the past. The exception he made for the program of TV channel TNT.

Dashi Participation in the “Battle of psychics”

With the first series of Swami Dashi it was one of the most popular participants of the “Battle of psychics.” He was able to quickly determine what kind of car is a man. In addition, he felt the male energy in the actress Nastasya Sambursky and its strong relationship with his father, who planted when she was five years old. Even Swami angry celebrity advice as soon as possible to have a baby. According Sambursky, women are not the purpose of this, but Dasha was ready to argue with her.

Nastasya Sambursky first talked about living in poverty mother
“I came to the project, to show that something can be done is not to ceremonies, rituals or books, but with the help of energy”, – he said in an interview with TV channel TNT Dashi.

In the second series of the Battle of psychics I had to guess which girl is pregnant by a young man named Vladimir. Swami Dashi able to understand what the young woman is not really expecting a child, and know the future tasks of the heroine, and then she burst into tears. When psychics went to Obninsk to investigate the murder of Masha Odd Swami Dashi managed to find a place of her burial and tell the facts about the girl. Mystic also suggested that the odd dead after the attack of a maniac.

In the third series of the popular TV viewers remember the test, when psychics had to pass through a dangerous maze of abandoned mining institute, not to run into an ambush of military professionals. They chose a few points where participants sat waiting for the battle. Dasha was able not only to see all the traps, but also feel involved in any wars of their opponents, as well as see their tattoos, and even understand the internal state.
“For me to win the principle, it is courage,” – he said in the final of the third series of the Battle of Dashi.

According to polls in the various fan groups “Battle of psychics,” Swami regularly ranked first. His energy also felt Marilyn Kerr indicated in the air one of the programs that Dasha – a very strong psychic. “It’s very cool,” “The most powerful psychic this battle”, “It’s not a disappointment”, “bright man”, “the first place for him,” “One can see that has a gift,” – wrote the web viewers.

Terms of budget travel: how to enjoy a holiday for little money

“StarHit” offers several options for the most economical holiday. Despite the fact that the summer has flown by, many have not yet been was done on a legal holiday, and therefore deal with this issue only now.

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The summer has flown by. But was done on a legal holiday had by no means all. For them, we have prepared some tips on how to travel the maximum budget.

First of all pay attention to the latest offerings

In September, they always abound. Children are trafficked home for the new academic year, and the resorts are flying half-empty aircraft. So, if the time to hurry up, you can easily fly in Sochi and the Crimea, and in foreign resorts. Carefully refer to “children” direction. The number of tourists in Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Tunisia and Cyprus obviously greatly reduced. But the air and water temperatures in September and October there is more than comfortable, so feel free to go on a journey.

Think in advance about visas

Submit documents to the visa center is not so difficult, especially as most of the Schengen countries do not require paid armor. They are enough to confirm booking, and most importantly – your inquiries on incomes. Investment 60-70 euros for a visa in your passport will pay off for sure! So catch the World tour will be much more convenient. Two days before departure rates greatly reduced – it is because people do not have time to make a visa.
Cвоими секретами бюджетного отдыха со «СтарХитом» поделились Антон Константинов и Ирина Полежаева. Они побывали более чем в 60 странах мира. Еще больше полезной информации можно узнать из их блога в Instagram @uletimru.
Cvoimi secrets with the rest of the budget “StarHitom” shared Anton Konstantinov and Irina Polezhaeva. They visited more than 60 countries around the world.

The direction of this year – Georgia

Autumn there – the best time. Warm Black Sea, emptying the beaches to the mid-October, and most importantly – an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables! Georgians are still in the Soviet Union were known for their love for long feasts – and this talent is not lost over the years. Very nice hospitality of these people, because for them absolutely normal call to visit the stranger. We checked it myself many times, so we had to literally “break out” to catch a plane.

Looking airline flights, be sure to check the baggage allowance

To do this, use the sites not only intermediaries, but also double-check everything in the airline. Do not forget about the creative ideas of our only low-cost carrier. Here ear need to keep eye on not just, and be megavnimatelnym! Stories that passengers scatter through the cabin with their children or forced to pay several thousand rubles per pack of Duty Free, made a lot of noise, but nothing changed. So read the rules and read. Perhaps it is normal to pay for a ticket than to be in a situation where “the avaricious pays twice”?

Discover new country

For example, this year, many Russian tourists went to Albania. If you think that this is wild country, then you are greatly mistaken. Main tourists coming to this small country in the Balkans – the Italians. They swim here by ferry, so that on the coast of the Italian cars far more than local. From the neighboring Montenegro, Albania different sandy beaches and prices. The food in the restaurants and shops are much cheaper.

Yes, and Russian tourists here waiting, not for nothing that the local government cancels some year in a row for us in the summer visas. Until November 1, you can safely come to Albania at least 90 days.

Another great way to save – to obtain a visa of the Republic of Cyprus

Not to be confused with e-caterer. It is only a day and is completely free. The main thing to get it, you need to get away from the Cyprus confirmation printing. But Cypriots often provide multiple-entry visa for several years, and it is possible to enter not only the island but also in Bulgaria, Croatia and the home of Dracula – Romania. Believe me, this is a very serious savings, because a visa to these countries cost between 50 euros per person!

Autumn – a great time to pick up their tickets for future travel

In contrast to the summer price airline at the last moment did not reduce, but rather raises, but it does mean that we can already think about … the summer 2017! For example, buy cheap tickets to the Crimea or Sochi. There are proposals and 6000 rubles for the flights there and back with baggage included in the price. And do not forget about the autumn sales. On them you can fly and go to hell.
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If you have already got tickets beneficial, do not rush to take the cheapest hotel

It is better to take the offer that can be canceled without penalty. Then, periodically checking interesting you directions, you can catch great deals in hotels higher class. Not to mention that there is a special offer for booking hotels for the next night.

Do not forget about insurance for themselves and their children

Under the law, leave without her from Russia is now impossible, but something we have not heard about the serious checks at the border. But if the life of your expensive purse – better about it all the same care. Moreover, it is not necessary to pay. Many banks offer in their premium cards or deposits complimentary travel insurance and in some cases, coverage extends to all family members.

Going to hell

Remote countries leave for late autumn and winter and spring. At this time in Southeast Asia already the rainy season ends, and Caribbean hurricanes are on the decline, so your active recreation in Cuba or Mexico, Vietnam or Indonesia, there is nothing to prevent.

Anastasia Volochkova in a big way celebrated his daughter’s birthday

On the occasion of the birth of his only daughter Ariadne dancer to have a party in your own home. Star decided to congratulate the successor to its 11 th anniversary by organizing a schoolgirl dream holiday

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Anastasia Volochkova decided to celebrate the daughter of a holiday not only September 23 and 24th. Ballerina felt that one day is not enough to fully enjoy this event. Earlier actress shared with subscribers photo gifts that have prepared for Ariadne – shower. She was supposed to be a substitute for a bath. How much appreciated select practicality daughter Volochkova not reported.

At a party last Friday 11-year-old Arianna invited close friends, which in their posts on the social network mentioned mum of the girl. Volochkova did not hide from the whole joy of followers. After this party for her – it is also a great event. She admitted that she believes her daughter’s birthday, and your day.
“Exactly 11 years ago, I became very happy mother, giving life to this beautiful and talented girl,” – Anastasia admitted.

Volochkova posted some substantial congratulations in honor of the heiress, by publishing images with touching messages from friends and acquaintances. In your day Ariadne got a lot of flowers and gifts, and even organized a karaoke party at the hall, which her mom equipped for dance classes. The girls sang and danced a lot, as well as a dancer does not remain on the sidelines, actively participating in the festival and guests asking the right mood.

The daughter Anastasia Volochkova began experimenting with makeup.

Volochkova said she was genuinely pleased to be able to feel a few years younger and feel the emotions of children. Lots of discussion on the part of fans of the actress caused a comment about the star of the day, when she had to give birth to a daughter. Anastasia told that at that time was at the rehearsal, because the entire period of pregnancy she went for choreographic machine and on the stage. September 23, 2005 she likes to recall with particular trepidation.
“Exactly 11 years ago on September 23 in the morning I was in the ballet hall and did Exercise as during pregnancy I have not stopped for a day to do. And a few hours later, I gave birth to Arish. The next morning I went to Mark Arkadievich Kurtser and saw me in the plush Kombez, check to see if I stretch disappeared. He asked me to go home in order to avoid responsibility for this madness. But I drove home Ariadne, went to the theater and started classes and rehearsals of the ballet La Bayadere “, which is already a month later danced in the theater Yuri Grigorovich.”

Volochkova has also posted a video in which hear Ariadne calls Nikolai Baskov. He congratulated the birthday girl with her during the day, gave farewell and promised to soon present a gift. On Saturday, a dinner in honor of the birthday girl. Hospitable hostess Anastasia prepared delicious meals for friends successor. Rooms Houses were decorated by balloons, cards, flowers. A special joy of the actress caused a cut to the birthday of her daughter’s initials, which, as noted by Anastasia, they coincide. In his microblog Volochkova thanked all the people who participated in the organization of family events.

Jennifer Aniston divorce Pitt: “I never wanted him to such a fate”

The ex-wife of actor discussed with friends the loudest separation in Hollywood. Opinions diverge near Jennifer Aniston. Some reported that the star is experiencing schadenfreude, others say that she sympathizes with the once beloved.

When the world’s media had spread the news of the divorce Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, journalists paid close attention to the ex-wife of Hollywood actor Jennifer Aniston.

In 2005, when the couple announced divorce, persistently rumored that the actor broke up with his wife because of Jolie. Allegedly, Pitt and his sexual partner in the film “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” there was an office romance. Later, Brad and Angelina have denied this fact. However, even the tabloids had a long discussion Aniston, which is very painful perceived separation from the beloved.

Now that Pitt and Jolie’s marriage came to an end, many wondered what it thinks abandoned once the previous wife of the actor. Friends Jennifer were very talkative with reporters and did not hide the fact that discussing this topic with her.

So, one of the close friends Aniston in an interview with the publication US Weekly defended her.
“She never wanted him to such a fate. However, it is not excluded, that it would happen like this, “- said the star each.

“Jen wants Brad luck and all the best. She feels happy man and wants him to be happy, too, – said one Aniston. – Jen does not hold evil at Brad for divorce from him. ”

However, this opinion does not coincide with the words of another close friend of Aniston, who published the same American tabloid. Still other stars brought her a verbatim quotation from which it can be concluded that the actress feels gloating about what happened in the family of Brad and Angelina. “They caught up with Karma!” – He gave the publication the words of 47-year-old film star.

The reason for the divorce Jolie and Pitt called French actress

“Jenny always had a feeling that there will be something like that. She did not feel that Jolie – is the only one with whom he would remain forever, it is too difficult for him. He’s a pretty simple guy “- the source added.

Recall, Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt in July 2000 in Malibu. The wedding was magnificent and memorable pair of fans for a long time. In Hollywood, actors considered exemplary family up until March 2005 Aniston has not filed for divorce, and Pitt in the same year took up with Angelina Jolie.

Irina Agibalova remembers with horror a life of poverty

The star of “House-2” to sell things to buy food. Irina Agibalova remembered how she and her husband survived difficult nineties. Famous telebabushka argues that lack of money has rallied her family. A daughter, who then were small, consider it the happiest time.~]

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Former member of the reality show “Dom-2” Irina Agibalova this weekend decided to arrange for subscribers to its microblog small excursion into the past. Famous telebabushka remembered how she and her husband and her daughters lived in the nineties, when economic chaos reigned in the country.

Irina has posted a picture with her husband, made in 1995, and under it told how her family lived in poverty, surviving on bread and water.
“We lived in a room 13 sq.m. four of the parents of her husband. Kitchen 4.5 square, we were immediately separated into power, each has its own income and your refrigerator. Her husband was at home 4 months out of work, and I got a job in a local school teacher group day care part time. There were places for the chemist-biologist. As I remember, I’m coming home from work, sort out detail in the pocket and think, enough for half a bread, or not enough. The day was not enough …. I sold everything I could, their fur, gold, mink hat, went to work on foot about 3 km, crying into the pillow in the evening, but did not give up and the result was not long in coming, “- wrote in Irina Agibalova microblog.

She added at the same time that her daughter remembers those years as the happiest in my life, because lack of money not to embroil the family, and made her only stronger and more united.

Irina Agibalova Fans are asked to continue to share its experience of survival in difficult times, because this topic is, according to them, it is very relevant today for young people who are just beginning to start families.

“Irina, please write a sequel! It is so important for young families who only stand on their feet and do not have the huge apartments, expensive cars and rich relatives “,” How do you know, in the 90s, for many it was hard “,” says further, for many it will be a great example of not giving up and believing in our strength, “” But now you have a beautiful successful woman! As fate plays us “, – Irina’s followers Agibalova write.

Ex-member of “House-2” Irina Agibalova today can be considered as specimen of homemakers. She has a husband and three adult children – two daughters and a son, have grandchildren. In this known telebabushka looks fresh and young, she was slender and pretty. Irina Agibalova perfect lead household – in its microblog can often see pictures of delicious dishes, well-groomed infield, tastefully furnished rooms in a country house. And not so long ago Irina became possessive of property in Cyprus. Irina Agibalova make repairs in the new house in Cyprus

“Slowly we begin to repair. Living area – 128 “squares” – told “StarHitu” Irina. – Three spacious rooms: a living room, an exercise room and a bedroom with adjoining luxurious terrace. Also in the house are one bathroom and a cozy kitchen with a panoramic window. Very soon I will receive visitors already puzzled the guys with the TV project to make in your schedule a trip to me. “