Driver Dzhigurda: “With Nikita lives Woman”

According to the man, the actor suits rituals and never leaves home. After the divorce, Nikita is sitting in the apartment, does not respond to calls and no one speaks. However, as it became known from the words of the driver, along with Dzhigurda involved in the mysteries of its former director, Antonina.

Никита Джигурда

Nikita Dzhigurda // Photo: “Instagram”

After her divorce from Marina Anissina and news about the rape late Lyudmila Bratash Nikita Dzhigurda locked the house and did not go anywhere. According to some reports, the apartment in which he spends the whole day, belongs to his ex-wife. In the program “Live” with Boris Korchevnikovym guests discussed what happens to a famous actor. Marina Anisina revealed the truth about divorce

The transmission of the studio appeared Dzhigurda older brother Sergei, who said his cousin really consume soft drugs, which is why he speaks with him a little at the moment. “He has delusions of grandeur, a disorder caused by drug use. He has repeatedly been bleeding because of this “, – he explained Sergey, but does not believe that this is something serious. He argues that Nikita did not immediately become the way it is now seen everything.

In the current state of Nikita has not been seen, but his driver. Yevgeny Ilyin, who works with the artist for several years, confirmed that the actor will not come out.

“He’s paranoid. He is afraid of the wild fear. He does not answer to anyone’s calls, does not open the door. Open the door only for the transfer of food through the balcony. It is a disease “- the driver admitted.
Евгений Ильин - единственный, кто ходит к Джигурде

Yevgeny Ilyin – the only one who goes to Dzhigurda // Photo: Still from the program

According to Ilyin, it all started about two months ago. “This one had a temple candles. He holds cabalistic rituals, “- said the man. Eugene says that the former director Antonina Dzhigurda Savrasov lives with him.

“They’re on the same wavelength with Nikita. I do not know what they were doing. They say they communicate in their mysteries, “- explained Ilyin.

Guests of the program believe that Nikita is necessary to undergo treatment. “If he can get an inheritance Bratash, he will open his own school, if you can not, then organizes the sect”, – said Sergey Dzhigurda, adding that in this way of life Nikita “stretch” for 12 years.

Сергей Джигурда подтвердил, что у Никиты психопатия

Sergey Dzhigurda confirmed that Nikita psychopathy // Photo: Still from the program

Earlier, Nikita Dzhigurda already forced to undergo treatment in a psychiatric clinic. However, the actor claims that falls into the category of men of genius, so his behavior sometimes does not coincide with the generally accepted norms.

Никита Джигурда не выходит из дома почти два месяца

Nikita Dzhigurda not leave the house for almost two months // Photo: Still from the program

The “Game of Thrones” has a competitor

At the premiere of “Viking” in the movie “October” it’s so many people that see familiar faces all was impossible. I do not be mistaken if I say that enjoyed watching the entire first line of our show business.

Данила Козловский в роли Крестителя Руси

Danila Kozlovsky as the Baptist of Rus // Photo: Stills from “Viking”

Creating kinogimna in honor of Grand Duke Vladimir (namely, of the fate of this character, and is dedicated to the picture) at a cost of 1 billion 200 million rubles. Costs are big, but coming out of the hall, many inspired by the heroic perfect way (you are no 900 concubines attributed to Vladimir Svyatoslavich) wondered: “Why is a monument to this white and fluffy historic character so much controversy and did not open much earlier in Moscow?”

The well-known philanthropist Paul Tapashidi even came up with the idea to build the world a new city and called it Vladimirograd (details on the website). Personally, my impressions are – Danila Kozlovsky as Grand Duke is great, his partner, Alexander Bortich – she appeared Polotsk Princess Rogneda – an incredibly beautiful and sexy. Above all praise and Maxim Sukhanov: he portrayed Sveneld – mentor future Baptist of Rus. So the creators of the famous “Game of Thrones” (parallel with this fantastic saga in the “Viking” are obvious), represented by the story of the sixth prince of Kiev, who lived in the tenth century AD, there is something to fear.

Alla Pugacheva has responded to demands to “remove” it from the air

Throughout the week, on the web are discussing the content of the First Channel of the New Year program. Alla Pugacheva with her usual irony, replied to all detractors. Fans of celebrity support and said that they are always interesting to watch the diva on the screen.

Алла Пугачева

Alla Pugacheva // Photo: Dmitry Korobeynikov /

A couple of days after New Year’s Eve annoyed rostovchanin decided to address a petition to the Director General of Channel One Konstantin Ernst. According to the disturbed man, he was extremely dissatisfied with the gears, which showed during the holidays. In particular, it was not to the liking the idea of the program, which featured the brightest stars of Russian show business, such as Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin and many others. He decided to find like-minded people to collect signatures in order to “reach out” to the leadership of one of the main Russian TV channels. Throughout the week, none of channel management and celebrities did not respond to a man’s initiative. Today, however, Diva decided to give an answer to ill-wishers. In social networks, she left the publication, in which he expressed his attitude to the current situation.

“Well, spiteful critics, excited? It’s fine! So life goes on. And my strength in the love and support of the fans. Once convinced of this – true happiness, “- with his usual sense of humor Alla wrote in microblogging.

That statement actress made it clear that indulgently and ironically refers to such statements, and does not consider them worthy of your attention. Especially because many fans instantly left no comments with words of support. Celebrity followers account noted that New Year’s Eve, which was attended by Pugachev, was fine, and they looked happy to live on the stars of the national stage.

“How I love you! The only large-scale personality on stage! The only “,” Alla, we are with you! We love You and your creativity and you will not give in insult! Thank you, that is you and your work! “,” Alla, these spiteful critics really remember them all, how many were there over the years? And where are they? Where are you and where are they? These small sucker, bureaucrats, Knockers, “will not allow” and “not allow”! Oh to hell with them, shine forth more, we love you! “- Once again admired the talent and creativity of Diva fans.

It is interesting that the author of the petition did not look completely New Year’s show, prepared by the First Channel. He said that he gave preference to another program, and its opinion has been formed from the short fragments of transmission that he could see, when just switched channels.

Husband Ksenia Borodina: “Soon my family will be more”

Spouse presenter said “StarHitu” the first words of his daughter, traditions and building a house. Kurban Omarov admitted that after moving out of the city has changed their lives for the better. Every night they spend together watching movies, and in the morning the whole family awaits signature breakfast from Xenia.

В доме Ксении и Курбана всегда слышны детские голоса. Омар приезжает на все выходные, чтобы поиграть с сестрами

The house Xenia and Kurban always heard children’s voices. Omar arrives at the weekend to play with my sisters // Photo: Ekaterina Ratundalova

The past 2016 th year was difficult for Xenia and Kurban. After the spring of private life presenter and her husband became a subject of public discussion, the couple decided to run away from the prying eyes of the city to arrange a world in which there is a place only you know.

– I remember once talking to Ksenya and she claimed that she was a resident of the city, and it would not drag in the village. How did you manage?

The ex-husband refuses to have Karina Mishulin daughter

Actor Oleg Zhukov did not provide any support for his 12-year-old heiress. Karina Mishulina requires nothing from her ex-husband, and does not intend to apply for child support. According to the man, he hesitates to establish relations with the child, as bogged down in debt.

Карина Мишулина и дочь Кристина

Karina Mishulina and daughter Christina // Photo: “VKontakte”

The daughter of the famous actor Spartacus Mishulina Karina for more than twelve years ago, she married actor Oleg Zhukov. Then she played the secret wedding, without notifying even the closest people. However, the marriage was short-lived. As told Karina Mishulina in the program “Show and tell”, she does not talk now with the ex-spouse, despite the fact that they have common is growing daughter Christina. Moreover, man does not pay child support, and does not seek to participate in the life of a girl.

“We have so happened – we have lost touch. Dispersed on my initiative, the relationship was lost for him, “- said the star of” Fizruk “series.

Oleg Zhukov does not consider itself obliged to keep daughter // Photo: “VKontakte”

Despite the fact that Oleg does not provide financial support for the rising generation Christina Mishulina not want to call him to justice through the courts. She is afraid that because of this, he can make a complaint to the girl in the future. For example, to require alimony from the child to its content. Only once the daughter of a famous actor turned to Zhukov to allocate four thousand rubles for the payment of foreign language courses for his daughter. A father of actress Christina shocked.

“He told me:” Are you sure that it is in English? Can I feed the whole little family? “- Remembered Mishulina replica of his ex-wife.
Карина с дочерями Кристиной и Полиной

Karina daughters Christine and Pauline // Photo: “VKontakte”

After these words, Karina decided nothing more to ask Zhukov. Also, it surprised the fact that the man did not want to spend time with the child, in spite of the attempts to make contact actress Christina with her father.

“The daughter went to him back, I asked:” What did you do “-” And the pope was not, I was alone at the computer until it goes somewhere, “- said Mishulina?.

Now, because of her ex-husband in Mishulin had problems, which bring inconveniences for the whole family. The actress, her mother and eldest daughter are threatened with violence. As it turned out, Oleg Zhukov took the credit, and not in a hurry to repay it. Despite the fact that his marriage with Mishulin has long been canceled, and the money he was after the divorce, the bank does not rest just her and her family. According to the man, this circumstance prevents his meeting with the girl. Oleg allegedly ashamed to look her in the eye, because it can not deal with financial problems.